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Why You should Hire "Athletes" for Your Company

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Friday, October 18, 2013 |

Benefits of Having Athletes in your Team

In an article on Forbes, entrepreneur David Williams gives us a rundown on why companies should hire "athletes" - not necessarily in the physical sense (although having an actual athlete is a bonus), but those who possess traits similar to a leader's.
Individuals who carry athlete traits make exceptional hires, and here's why:
1. They are driven. With their never-give-up attitude, athletes have the will to practice a task relentlessly until they succeed. They also have a positive attitude towards work, and are able to deal with temporary pain and know whether the cause is too serious to ignore.
2. Athletes are goal-oriented. They work constantly to achieve their goals and are undeterred by difficulties. If they run low on physical strength, they work smarter, not harder. They become more efficient as they learn to become more productive.
3. They develop new skills. Aside from being well-coordinated in their movements, athletes are also adaptable to situations that call for cross-functional skills.
4. Athletes are excellent entrepreneurs. Unlike people from corporate environments who are single-minded in their objectives and tend to be specialized in their skills, athletes are business-minded individuals who are intent on making the company succeed. They are strategic thinkers and are always concentrated on the big picture and the long-term goals.
5. Athletes strive for balance. They know that unhealthy habits affect performance which is why a true business athlete maintains a balanced physical and mental health.
6. Athletes are team players. An athlete knows how to piece together the different strengths of each team member for the team's advantage. They know a great deal about respect and put the needs of others before their own.
So how do you find and hire these athletes? During interviews, consider asking about outside projects, other interests, community service, and the concepts of teamwork. Also, be more discerning to the ways you can recognize and hire for partiality instead of for evident traits. Most of David's strongest players never actually excelled at a physical sport. They never knew they were athletes, which is an important element in hiring them. After all, the world's greatest athletes are not necessarily discovered; they are fine-tuned through years of training.

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