How outsourcing facilitates scalability

Growing one’s workforce is a delicate balancing act. On one hand, more employees are needed to tackle increasing demand, realize new opportunities or reduce workload pressures on existing staff. On the flipside, the costs involved in boosting numbers can be daunting, from infrastructure, furniture and office space to recruitment, training and software licenses. Then there are the financial and logistical issues that arise when staff become surplus to requirements and it is time to downsize again.


Outsourcing eases the pressure by removing those worries from your ‘to-do’ list.

Quality outsourcing providers allow businesses to access individual staff or establish entire teams in as little as six to eight weeks and at a fraction of the cost of doing so in-house. Be it navigating seasonal or unexpected demand or supporting sustainable growth, these specialists not only find the right talent but look after many of the factors that make hiring a headache including interviews, security checks, training and onboarding. They then turn their focus to managing ongoing performance and ensuring the offshore recruits deliver the results expected of them – all for a low monthly fee rather than a significant upfront investment.

Just as crucially, outsourcing means organizations can swiftly and seamlessly scale down operations when circumstances change. There are no leases to break, benefits to be paid out or expensive office furniture and IT equipment to store or offload. For many businesses, the potential to scale down with minimum fuss is as appealing as the ability to scale up.

It is little surprise that a survey of 500 US organizations found the capacity to support scalability and business growth is one of the top reasons for outsourcing1.

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How outsourcing benefited a dozen businesses

Outsourcing has played a vital role in helping countless organizations overcome unexpected hurdles and pursue business growth. Across industries as diverse as healthcare, eCommerce, insurance and tourism, step inside 12 companies that have used the power of offshoring in the Philippines to reap rewards such as flexibility, agility and scalability.

This eBook showcases in-depth case studies including:

  • An engineering firm that grew from five to 80 quality employees across 31 job profiles
  • A national insurance brokerage that increased one team’s productivity by 34%, and
  • A fast-paced company that quickly scaled up to meet the demands of more than 600 healthcare organizations while saving 63% in administration costs.


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