Telecommunications outsourcing to the Philippines

Telecommunications organizations often grapple with keeping up with rapid technological changes, such as the shift to 5G and emerging network infrastructure, requires significant investments and expertise.

Navigating complex and ever-changing telecommunications regulations, especially in different countries, can be a compliance and legal challenge.

Meeting rising customer expectations for faster, more reliable and affordable services while managing competitive pricing is a constant struggle.

Ensuring the security of vast communication networks against cyber threats and maintaining data privacy is an ongoing concern in the digital age.

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The Philippines can offer support.

Why MicroSourcing?

No hidden costs. No unforeseen risks.
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Why is the telecommunications industry well suited to outsourcing?

Offshoring certain technical and administrative functions can help reduce operational costs, allowing organizations to allocate resources to keep pace with technological advancements.
Offshore legal and compliance teams can specialize in navigating complex regulations, ensuring that the organization remains compliant in various markets.
Offshoring customer support can provide 24/7 assistance, meeting customer expectations for prompt service and issue resolution.
Offshore IT and cybersecurity teams can enhance network security, implementing measures to protect against cyber threats and data breaches.

What telecommunications services and roles can you outsource with MicroSourcing?

MicroSourcing is the leading outsourcing provider in the Philippines, building full-time, dedicated teams for its clients while taking care of everything on the ground.

  • Customer support
  • Network monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Data entry
  • Network security
  • IT infrastructure management
  • Network design and engineering
  • Provisioning and configuration
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Sales and marketing
  • Content moderation
  • Network maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Network optimization

What our clients say

Daniel Hastings

Dan Hastings Chief Financial Officer of Oaks Hotels and Resorts

"... grown exponentially since we moved. We found, in Australia, we were challenged by high turnover because it wasn’t a career path for a lot of people, it was a stepping stone to other roles. Our business was just spinning wheels."
Daniel Oh

Daniel Oh Group Legal Counsel at Connective

"What really stood out for us with MicroSourcing was the amount of control we got over staff selection, the IT setup, cybersecurity measures, data protection and the level of support, both in Manila and locally in Australia."
Luke Loeffler

Luke Loeffler Senior Director for Operations at EagleView Technologies

"Take advantage of the direct control and freedom to implement processes and the true partnership that MicroSourcing offers."
Darren Gunton

Darren Gunton General Manager of Marketing at Total Tools

"What I love most about partnering with MicroSourcing is it just makes my life easier."

How does offshoring with MicroSourcing work?



We discuss your offshore resourcing requirements


We recruit and employ your offshore team


We support the operation of your offshore team

Frequently asked questions

What is telecommunications outsourcing?
Telecommunications outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring third-party providers to manage and operate telecommunications services and infrastructure, such as customer support, network management and technical support.
Why is the telecommunications industry well-suited to outsourcing?
The telecommunications industry finds outsourcing advantageous due to cost savings from reducing operational and labor costs, scalability in adjusting operations based on demand and access to specialized skills and advanced technology.
What are three of the four types of telecommunications?
Three types of telecommunications include voice communication, which encompasses traditional and VoIP phone services, data communication involving internet services and data transmission, and video communication, which includes video conferencing and streaming services.
What roles and tasks can be outsourced in the telecommunications industry?
Roles and tasks commonly outsourced in telecommunications include customer support for handling inquiries and technical issues, network management for monitoring and maintaining infrastructure, IT services encompassing software development and cybersecurity and sales and marketing functions such as lead generation and campaign management.

Interested in telecommunications outsourcing in the Philippines?

Our friendly experts can answer any questions you have or provide a free consultation to discuss how offshoring can work for you. We’ll get back to your inquiry within one business day.

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