How to ensure client experience is at the center of your accountancy firm

Every good accountancy firm should have a customer centric approach to client retention and acquisition. The organic growth opportunities that a customer centric strategy can create will give your firm a competitive advantage to ensure business growth.

How to ensure client experience is at the centre of your accountancy firm

Here’s four tips on how to ensure client experience is at the center of your operations.

  1. Update your tech, now

    The advancement of technology has made it significantly easier for accountants to connect with their clients. If you haven’t already moved to the cloud, then you’re already falling behind the pack. Failing to stay up to date with advances in tech will only be detrimental to the success of your firm. We live in a world of instant interaction and if you aren’t delivering that to your clients then you’re running the risk of losing their business.

    Ensuring your team has access to documents at any time, anywhere, will increase their efficiency immensely which in turn, will also improve the service they’re providing your clients.

  2. Have your team be more involved with your clients more often

    How much time is your team spending in front of clients? Ensuring your frontline staff have face time with clients is absolutely crucial to the success of your firm. Doing so will allow them to nurture and build relationships effectively. It will also identify any potential growth opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell your services which will ultimately benefit your bottom line.

  3. Introduce workflows

    A workflow outlines the steps that need to be taken to complete a task from start to finish. By introducing workflows you can expect streamlined business processes whilst dramatically reducing the margin for error. It will ultimately make your firm more efficient, therefore, allowing your staff to meet the needs of your clients coherently - resulting in business continuity.

  4. Implement smarter resourcing strategies

    Outsourcing is a strategy that is available to accountancy firms that provides local teams with efficient support. How will your team face clients if they’re bogged down by back-office, repetitive, time consuming tasks? Relieving them of basic admin will ensure they have the time to spend with your client’s and go that extra mile.

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