Healthcare outsourcing to the Philippines

Healthcare organizations face mounting pressure to deliver exceptional patient care while navigating complex regulatory frameworks.

Rapid advancements in medical technology demand substantial investment, leaving them vulnerable to financial constraints and an uncertain ROI.

Attracting and retaining skilled healthcare professionals is an ongoing struggle, exacerbating workforce shortages and compromising service quality.

Maintaining interoperability and cybersecurity in a digital landscape is a constant battle to protect sensitive patient data from potential breaches.

These organizations must continuously adapt to evolving market dynamics, staying agile to confront unpredictable shifts in healthcare policies and patient preferences.

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The Philippines can offer support.

Why MicroSourcing?

No hidden costs. No unforeseen risks.
When you partner with the strongest provider, you get the best outcome.
active clients across various industries
700+ active clients across various industries
offshore employees
9,000+ offshore employees
 strategically located offices
13 strategically located offices

Why is the healthcare industry well suited to outsourcing?

Outsourcing administrative tasks like billing and medical coding streamlines operations, reduces errors and frees up resources for delivering quality patient-centred care.
Healthcare outsourcing offers cost savings, specialized expertise and scalable solutions, allowing organizations to allocate resources more efficiently.
To help mitigate workforce gaps and maintain service quality, outsourcing can provide access to a pool of skilled healthcare professionals, including remote or offshore teams.
Partnering with reputable outsourcing providers can offer access to robust security measures, strengthening data protection and ensuring compliance with regulations.

What healthcare services and roles can you outsource with MicroSourcing?

MicroSourcing is the leading outsourcing provider in the Philippines, building full-time, dedicated teams for its clients while taking care of everything on the ground.

  • Accounting
  • Medical billing and coding
  • Medical transcription
  • Customer service
  • HR services
  • Tech support
  • Data management
  • Quality assurance

MicroSourcing client results

Path 787-1
Reduced processing times by 27%
Path 789
Reduced administration
costs by 63%
Path 787-1
Increased productivity
by 47%

How does offshoring with MicroSourcing work?



We discuss your offshore resourcing requirements


We recruit and employ your offshore team


We support the operation of your offshore team

Frequently asked questions

What is outsourcing in healthcare?
Outsourcing in healthcare involves delegating non-core medical services and administrative functions to external providers or organizations. This can include medical billing, IT services, customer support and even clinical services like telemedicine.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of adopting outsourcing in healthcare?
Advantages of outsourcing in healthcare include cost savings, access to specialized expertise, improved efficiency and scalability. Disadvantages can include concerns about data security, quality control and potential cultural or regulatory differences.
Why is healthcare outsourcing to the Philippines a good idea?
Healthcare outsourcing to the Philippines can be beneficial due to the country's skilled workforce proficient in English, cost-effectiveness compared to Western countries, familiarity with Western healthcare standards and robust infrastructure supporting healthcare-related services like medical transcription and telemedicine support.

Interested in healthcare outsourcing in the Philippines?

Our friendly experts can answer any questions you have or provide a free consultation to discuss how offshoring can work for you. We’ll get back to your inquiry within one business day.

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