Our offshore staffing services offer more than just cost savings, although that is a major advantage. By working with us, you gain access to a diverse pool of talent that can help your business thrive in a highly competitive market. Our track record speaks for itself, having helped over 500 companies worldwide operate smoothly and efficiently in the Philippines.

What is offshore staffing in the Philippines?

Our offshoring services provide you with the freedom to manage your own pre-screened team in the Philippines, who work exclusively for you and report directly to you. You can communicate with your team through various channels, and we'll assign a dedicated account manager for you.

We use our expertise in offshoring to help you establish a strong foundation, without imposing our own methods or technology. We'll help you define your staffing requirements and create job profiles. Our recruitment team will provide a shortlist of the screened candidates for you to decide who to hire and our IT team will establish the necessary infrastructure. We'll also provide guidance on operations and management, identify key performance indicators and deliver comprehensive support services.

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How much can you save with offshore staffing?

MicroSourcing’s offshore staffing pricing model is transparent. It takes the guesswork out of budgeting for your offshore staff. 

This model offers several benefits:

  • No upfront fees: you receive your first invoice after your offshore team begins work, which covers their salaries and our service fee.

  • Direct budgeting: you have control over your offshore staff's compensation, giving you direct oversight of labor costs.

  • No conflict of interest: unlike traditional BPO models, our transparent pricing eliminates conflicts of interest, ensuring you get the best-qualified staff without sacrificing benefits.

How much can your business save by outsourcing?

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What are the benefits of offshore staffing for your business?

Offshore staffing provides several benefits to organizations looking to outsource a variety of business processes or functions.

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Reduce costs

Outsourcing with the right provider can take care of costs such as recruitment, human resources, superannuation, payroll tax, IT and overall management supervision, saving you up to 70% on labor and operating costs.

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Increase quality and efficiency

Outsourcing allows you to allocate time-consuming and repetitive tasks to an offshore team, allowing your onshore team time to focus on what they do best, increasing output quality and business efficiencies across the board.

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Scale fast

Outsourcing can free up resources to be reinvested back into the growth of your organization, increasing the capacity for your team to take on more work and grow.

Could offshore staffing in the Philippines work for your business?

Contact us to discuss whether offshore staffing in the Philippines is suitable for your business. We're happy to answer any questions and recommend cost-saving solutions if offshoring is a good fit for your business.

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