The importance of corporate social responsibility at MicroSourcing

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is nothing new for MicroSourcing. Like many businesses, our organization has long believed we not only have a responsibility to our shareholders and clients but the wellbeing of the society around us. In our case, that is the people of the Philippines and our hard-working staff have a proud history of reaching into their pockets to support those in need.

Greater Emphasis on Sustainability and Social Responsibility in BPO

There has been a change in recent years though.

While team members initially donated money, there has been a growing realization across the company that there is something much more valuable we can gift the community – our time. Just as CSR has evolved from philanthropic roots to become a dynamic sector all of its own, MicroSourcing’s commitment to ‘creating positive change’ has changed to reflect the world in which we live.

CSR at MicroSourcing

Following my appointment as HR Employee Engagement Manager in 2012, I saw a keenness among our people to further immerse themselves in our CSR activities. It was no longer enough for them to simply donate money. They wanted to directly connect with the communities and initiatives they were impacting and we were more than happy to provide them with the chance to do so.

MicroSourcing’s three pillars of CSR

Corporate social responsibility in action

From those humble beginnings, MicroSourcing today oversees a corporate social responsibility framework that serves the communities in which we operate. Three words sum up our mission – Create Positive Change – and we have paved the way by joining forces with like-minded organizations and providing opportunities for our employee volunteers to make a difference.

In particular, we have made a commitment to three CSR focus areas:

  1. Education: we strive to bridge the gap between education and employment through access to upskilling and scholarship opportunities
  2. Environment: we recognise the importance of actively reducing the impact of our own operational footprints by optimizing our own processes and pursuing impactful partnerships with environmental NGOs; and
  3. Disaster Relief: we step up in times of need and help communities affected by disasters through financial aid and on-the-ground assistance such as the provision of relief goods, supplies and resources for shelter repair.

Under the banner of MicroMissions, our CRS efforts are no longer measured solely in terms of dollars and cents. From volunteer hours and school kits distributed to the number of trees planted, we have a diverse and eclectic range of measurables that collectively tell the story of how much our people care for those around them. Rather than simply donate money to a cause, they visit the communities that will benefit from their generosity. They spend time with them, ask questions and ultimately provide the support they need.

Instead of just paying for school supply kits for marginalized children in Patayas, our volunteers visit them for a series of games and other fun activities. They hit the streets to participate in charity fun runs to help improve the living conditions of children with cancer. They put on their gloves and plant Narra trees alongside farmers and mothers at GreenEarth, a reforestation site on 100 hectares of donated land.

Most importantly, they gain awareness of the social and economic issues impacting so many of their countrymen and women and experience the fulfillment that comes from making positive change.

CSR at MicroSourcing – by the numbers_desktop
CSR at MicroSourcing – by the numbers_mobile

The benefits of corporate social responsibility

For all the increasing focus on CSR, it is not compulsory and many companies choose not to pursue such initiatives. However, there are several reasons it is the perfect fit for MicroSourcing.

  1. Employee engagement: when a team member chooses to leave MicroSourcing, they are asked to complete an exit interview and we have lost count of how many praise our CSR efforts in that forum. It is common for departing employees to say how proud they were to have worked for a company that values social responsibility and there is no doubt the chance to participate in CSR initiatives leads to improved staff wellbeing and motivation. This is supported by studies that show nearly 70% of people would not work for a company without a strong purpose[1].
  2. Talent attraction: while many businesses had hoped the global talent shortage was easing, a recent report revealed 77% of employers across the world are still finding it difficult to fill job roles[2]. That is a 17-year high and further evidence that seemingly small factors can make a difference when it comes to recruitment. This includes the prioritization of CSR, with younger generations, in particular, known to prefer working for companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment. One’s corporate social responsibility credentials can be a unique selling point in a tight labor market.
  3. Responsible outsourcing: when an onshore company chooses to outsource, it effectively extends its operational reach into the communities where its offshore workforce resides. By partnering with MicroSourcing, our clients have a direct impact on the Philippines’ economy, social structures and people and they overwhelmingly appreciate seeing our workforce invested in CSR. There have also been cases when clients have been keen to perform CSR initiatives in the Philippines and asked their MicroSourcing workers to provide practical support on the ground. Talk about a win-win situation, with their organization and our people coming together for the good of the community.


The days of businesses operating with the sole aim of making profits at the expense of all else are over. Between the environment, employees and wider society, companies need to consider how they can give back to the communities in which they operate. Not only is it the right thing to do but history shows it leads to improved employee engagement, increased talent attraction and positive word of mouth. MicroSourcing is proud to be leading the way with CSR initiatives in the Philippines outsourcing market and building a culture of giving that extends far beyond our own social circles.

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the concept that a business has a responsibility to the society that exists around it and acts in an ethical and transparent way to positively impact the world. It is a form of self-regulation that can be expressed in initiatives or strategies and plays a crucial role in a company’s brand perception, talent attraction and retention, and overall success.

[2] Nearly four in five employers struggle to fill job roles, a 17-year high | Computerworld