Hire full-time, outsourced teams in the Philippines.
Save up to 70% on employment costs.

MicroSourcing connects businesses of all sizes with quality, ready-to-work talent in the Philippines.


Reduce costs

Outsourcing allows your organization to be more competitive, sustainable and profitable with 70% labor cost savings.


Increase quality
& efficiency

Remote staffing solutions rectify skills shortages and improve internal processes by accessing global talent pools.


Scale faster

Tailor your offshore operations to help scale quickly, meet demand, combat rising labor costs and access specialty talent all without the overheads.

Scale my business

What our clients say

Daniel Hastings

Dan Hastings Chief Financial Officer of Oaks Hotels and Resorts

"... grown exponentially since we moved. We found, in Australia, we were challenged by high turnover because it wasn’t a career path for a lot of people, it was a stepping stone to other roles. Our business was just spinning wheels."
Daniel Oh

Daniel Oh Group Legal Counsel at Connective

"What really stood out for us with MicroSourcing was the amount of control we got over staff selection, the IT setup, cybersecurity measures, data protection and the level of support, both in Manila and locally in Australia."
Luke Loeffler

Luke Loeffler Senior Director for Operations at EagleView Technologies

"Take advantage of the direct control and freedom to implement processes and the true partnership that MicroSourcing offers."
Darren Gunton

Darren Gunton General Manager of Marketing at Total Tools

"What I love most about partnering with MicroSourcing is it just makes my life easier."

Leverage big-business infrastructure

No matter the size of your business, you gain access to our big-business outsourced infrastructure.

State-of-the-art locations and facilities strategically placed for recruitment
Square meters of office space
Screened candidates ready for employment
Experienced local recruiters
IT workers for 24/7 support
HR & operations staff to support you

Is outsourcing right for your business?

We've got a team of offshoring specialists who can help answer this question - or any others you might have, from pricing models and setting up a team, to anything you need to know about outsourcing in the Philippines. Give us a call now on +1 888-731-0023 or send us an email.

We’re experts at offshore outsourcing and we’re here to help.

9,000 staff
700+ clients from North America, Australia and Europe
13 state-of-the-art delivery centers in the Philippines

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer full time or part time?

We offer full-time dedicated teams for clients. Our staff will work exclusively within your systems, ensuring they carry their learnings from one day to the next and provide onshore reporting directly to you and your teams. This level of commitment ensures that you receive the undivided attention it deserves.

In contrast, some offshore providers offer part-time services where the staff members may be shared across multiple clients simultaneously, providing a more flexible but less dedicated approach.

As a client, will I have visibility over the salary and benefits of my offshore team members?

Yes, you will have complete visibility because we prioritize transparency. You will have the final say in determining the compensation for your staff member. Our fees consist of two components:

  • A fixed monthly service fee - per employee: covers our top-notch facilities, furnished offices, support services, IT assistance and client management.
  • Direct employee costs: base salary and benefits - with no margin attached. We separate salaries from service costs to give you control over compensation. The salary component of your fee goes directly to your staff without any markup. This transparency not only provides visibility into your labor costs but also allows you to discern precisely what you're paying for in terms of skills and experience.

Service fee

We charged a fixed service fee per month per employee.

Direct employee costs

Direct employee costs: base salary, benefits - with no margin attached.

Total fee

We charged a fixed fee per employee per month.
Do you have an option to deliver work from home or hybrid?
We prioritize delivering top talent and outstanding results. While our preference is for an in-office culture, we understand the importance of flexibility. That's why we offer options for both in-office and remote work arrangements, supported by advanced digital infrastructure. With our approach, you have the freedom to assemble a skilled workforce tailored to your needs, all while maintaining data security and data loss prevention. We're here to help you achieve excellence in talent and output, regardless of the work mode you choose.
What happens if it doesn't work out or go to plan?
We have protocols in place to address situations where things may not go as expected. We employ performance management frameworks to ensure that any issues are addressed promptly and effectively. Regarding your partnership with MicroSourcing, you have the flexibility to terminate the agreement at any time with proper notice.
What is included in your pricing model?

Our pricing model is designed for transparency and value. It consists of two components:

  • A fixed monthly service fee - per employee: This fee covers access to our premium facilities, fully furnished offices, comprehensive support services, IT assistance and dedicated client management.
  • Direct employee costs: We are transparent in our approach, separating base salaries and benefits from service costs. There are no additional margins added. The salary component of your fee is directly allocated to your staff without any markup. This transparent structure not only provides clarity on your labor costs but also enables you to precisely determine the value you receive in terms of skills and experience."
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