Outsource procurement specialists to the Philippines

Improve your procurement capabilities with dedicated Filipino teams.

Looking to optimize your supply chain, reduce costs and enhance vendor relationships? Experienced teams in the Philippines are skilled at managing the most crucial procurement tasks, including streamlining your purchasing processes, negotiating favorable contracts and driving procurement efficiency.

Why MicroSourcing?

No hidden costs. No unforeseen risks.
When you partner with the strongest provider, you get the best outcome.
active clients across various industries
700+ active clients across various industries
offshore employees
9,000+ offshore employees
 strategically located offices
13 strategically located offices

How experienced are our procurement specialists?

Our procurement specialists offer different levels of expertise depending on the support you require.


1 - 2 years of procurement experience

Assist in the procurement process, including vendor research and selection.
Help with routine purchase order creation and documentation.
Participate in basic negotiations with suppliers.
Conduct basic market research and supplier performance assessments.


2 - 4 years of procurement experience

Manage vendor relationships and negotiations for mid-level contracts.
Develop and implement procurement strategies to optimize cost savings.
Evaluate supplier performance and identify areas for improvement.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align procurement with company goals.


4+ years of procurement experience

Lead complex negotiations with key suppliers and manage high-value contracts.
Develop and execute strategic procurement plans to achieve cost reduction and efficiency goals.
Oversee supplier relationship management, including performance evaluations and continuous improvement initiatives.
Mentor and guide junior procurement staff, providing expertise and leadership in procurement strategies and best practices.

What tools are our procurement specialists trained in?

  • SAP Ariba
  • Coupa
  • DocuSign-1
  • Icertis
  • Jaggaer
  • BravoSolution
  • synertrade

What our clients say

Daniel Hastings

Dan Hastings Chief Financial Officer of Oaks Hotels and Resorts

"... grown exponentially since we moved. We found, in Australia, we were challenged by high turnover because it wasn’t a career path for a lot of people, it was a stepping stone to other roles. Our business was just spinning wheels."
Daniel Oh

Daniel Oh Group Legal Counsel at Connective

"What really stood out for us with MicroSourcing was the amount of control we got over staff selection, the IT setup, cybersecurity measures, data protection and the level of support, both in Manila and locally in Australia."
Luke Loeffler

Luke Loeffler Senior Director for Operations at EagleView Technologies

"Take advantage of the direct control and freedom to implement processes and the true partnership that MicroSourcing offers."
Darren Gunton

Darren Gunton General Manager of Marketing at Total Tools

"What I love most about partnering with MicroSourcing is it just makes my life easier."

How does offshoring with MicroSourcing work?



We discuss your offshore resourcing requirements


We recruit and employ your offshore team


We support the operation of your offshore team

Interested in recruiting procurement specialists in the Philippines?

Our friendly experts can answer any questions you have or provide a free consultation to discuss how offshoring can work for you. We’ll get back to your inquiry within one business day.

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