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If you want to learn more about offshoring, see it in action, hear from some delighted clients, or just see our facilities for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our videos below.

Behind the Scenes of MicroSourcing

Still on the fence about offshoring? Join our Client Implementation Manager, Trich, and she’ll walk you around one of our 6 Class A facilities in Manila.

Why outsourcing makes sense

See how offshoring to the Philippines can address your industry challenges, customer servicing pressures, cash flow stresses and growth ambitions, and provide cost-effective, long-term security for your business and employees.

How to Scale Fast with Offshoring

See how Total Tools handled rapid growth in their e-commerce business. How they found the right people for product imagery and upload, content, SEO and on-site search without generating a big cost-base.

Increase Profit Margins with Outsourcing

Is offshoring right for your company? It depends. Hear from Sean, Head of Sales, about the kinds of businesses best suited to the offshore model… and the kinds that aren’t.

Oaks Hotels shares their experience with Offshoring

CFO of Oaks Hotels & Resorts, Dan Hastings, shares a few words about why he chose to invest in an offshore team in the Philippines.

Meet our CEO, Sjoerd Krosse

How does a company become one of the largest BPO providers in the Philippines? We believe it’s because of our focus on transparency, processes and employee engagement.

Success in Offshoring is Driven by Confidence and Trust

Every client needs to be confident in their decisions before they can commit wholeheartedly to the offshoring journey. Learn what got Total Tools’ General Manager of Marketing over the line.

Building a Customer Service team in the Philippines

How do you provide high-quality service, all day, every day when so many of your customers are in a different time zone? Hear how Total Tools did it.

MicroSourcing Leadership Camp

Every year, we invest in taking over 300 management staff and future leaders to participate in our leadership camp. We take our finest talent out of their comfort zone and push them to their limits.

During some intense problem-solving exercises they rise to the challenge, learn new skills and develop lifelong bonds.

Annual MS Kickoff Event

At our annual New Year Kickoff Event it’s time to celebrate our hard work and successes. To open each year, we rock Manila in our flagship corporate event as we take time to validate our employees, promote creativity, boost company morale and create a better, more focused team.

MS Kickoff is our swish New Year party and epic talent show featuring our very own singing and dancing superstars. Yes, our team is multi-talented!

MicroMissions Social Responsibility

See the impact of our Social Responsibility Program, which trains unemployed and disadvantaged young people, in order to break the cycle of poverty, one family at a time. Our internships teach technical job skills and valuable work experience, while scholarships help students with their education costs. We’re proud to have offered many of these graduates full time employment over the past 6 years.

MicroSourcing Offices at Eastwood City

Take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art facilities in Eastwood City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. From street to server room, pharmacy to visitors lounge, meeting rooms to cafe, you’ll see your offshore staff will enjoy a spacious, modern workspace, equipped with the very latest technologies and creature comforts. Not to mention panoramic views!

How to retain full control over your offshore operations

There’s no need to give up control of your service quality and team productivity when you offshore. With MicroSourcing, you retain full control. Once the basic foundations and assets are in place, you decide your team’s focus. It’s your team and your processes; we just make it easier to manage, so you can focus on the deliverables.

Offshoring vs outsourcing: What’s the difference?

In this video, our Vice President and our CEO discuss the key differences between the MicroSourcing model (managed operations) and the traditional outsourcing model. You’ll learn the most common problems with traditional outsourcing and why they’re simply a non-issue with managed operations.

Hi, we're Sean and Charlie
Hi, we're Sean and Charlie

We're Specialists in setting up teams in the Philippines. Over more than a decade we have helped businesses save over $252 million in Labor and Occupancy costs and employed more than 4,200 staff in the Philippines.


Ready to explore offshoring?

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