Outsourcing wholesale trade services to the Philippines has numerous advantages for businesses looking to expand their operations. Outsourcing allows companies to access a vast pool of skilled professionals with expertise in the wholesale trade industry. These professionals are experienced in various aspects of the wholesale trade, including product sourcing, inventory management, logistics and marketing, which can help businesses reduce operational costs and improve their overall performance.

Outsourcing wholesale trade services to the Philippines can help businesses streamline their operations by reducing the burden of administrative tasks. This allows companies to focus on core business functions such as sales and customer service, which are crucial to their growth and success. Additionally, outsourcing can provide businesses with access to new technologies and digital tools that can help them stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving market. By outsourcing wholesale trade services, businesses can enjoy numerous benefits while freeing up their resources to focus on core competencies and achieve their business objectives.

What are the benefits of wholesale trade outsourcing?

Outsourcing wholesale trade services can provide businesses with several benefits that can help them improve their operations, scale fast and stay competitive in the market.

Lower costs

By outsourcing to countries such as the Philippines, businesses can take advantage of the lower labor costs and reduce their operational expenses by up to 70%. This can help companies free up resources to invest in other critical areas such as marketing, research and development and innovation.

Access to global talent

By outsourcing, businesses can tap into a vast pool of skilled professionals with 

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expertise in various aspects of the wholesale trade industry. This can help companies improve the quality of their services, streamline their operations and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Improve efficiencies

By partnering with a trusted outsourcing provider, businesses can take advantage of their expertise in the industry and leverage their processes and systems to streamline operations and efficiencies. This can help businesses improve their supply chain, optimize their inventory management and enhance their logistics processes.

Scale fast

With the help of an outsourcing provider, businesses can quickly ramp up their operations to meet growing demand, expand into new markets and take advantage of new opportunities. This can help businesses stay nimble and agile in a rapidly changing business environment.

Stay competitive

By partnering with an outsourcing provider, businesses can gain access to new technologies, tools and best practices that can help them stay ahead of the competition. This can help businesses improve their products and services, enhance their customer experience and drive growth and profitability.

Frequently offshored wholesale trade roles

Outsourcing providers can find quality and qualified specialists to fill almost any wholesale trade position or team. More frequently outsourced roles include:

Sample wholesale trade employee profiles

At MicroSourcing, we have more than 7,000 wholesale trade specialists in our candidate database, and access to more than an additional 12,000 across the Philippines. Here are a few examples of real candidate profiles:

Billing and technical specialist


  • Troubleshooting phone issues affecting customer’s service and configuration
  • Can handle complex technical and billing concerns
  • Account management
  • Commercial sales and procurement


  • B2B Coordinator
  • Procurement and Order Fulfillment Specialist
  • Specialist Reporting/Operations Analyst
Retention strategies knowledge


  • QA/CSAT reporting
  • Good skills with MS Excel, PIVOT, Word and PowerPoint
  • Quality Lite Track trained
  • Retention strategies knowledge
  • Customer service background
  • Understanding of sales retention


  • Customer Service Representative
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Customer Retention Specialist

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Since our inception in 2006, MicroSourcing has become one of the biggest providers of offshoring solutions in the Philippines. We can help you build a dedicated team in the Philippines, regardless of the roles and level of specialization you require. MicroSourcing is backed by our parent company, Probe CX, one of Australia’s fastest-growing offshoring solution and customer engagement firms. So, it’s safe to say we’re experts in outsourcing to the Philippines.

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