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Thinking about outsourcing QA testing to the Philippines? Here’s what you need to know…

 A Quality Assurance officer or QA specialist ensures the quality of a product or service. They test and evaluate a product or service based on a given set of parameters, defined by what a client or company considers as ‘quality’.

The most valuable trait is that Quality Assurance officers are excellent analysts and process fanatics. They thrive on data, measuring performance against targets, and making suggestions for improvements, so when something goes wrong they exclaim, “Back to the process!”

Not surprisingly, after a few years monitoring quality in a contact center, the QA specialist has seen just about every type of disgruntled customer, staff error and process breakdown possible. For you, that means they have a wealth of experience to draw on, and they’ve provided fixes for hundreds of different issues.

In the Philippines, you’re spoiled for choice. Because there are so many contact centers and business process outsourcing companies, there are a lot of suitably experienced Quality Assurance specialists ready to help you improve your processes and outcomes. So if you’re looking for outsourced QA testing, you’ve come to the right place.

Quality Assurance specialist skills and experience

A QA specialist, especially in the outsourcing world, is naturally a subject matter expert who knows the product or service inside out. Even if a candidate hasn’t worked in your specific field before, the process of evaluating and solving QA issues carries across industries.

Relevant work experience is essential to success as a Quality Assurance officer or specialist, more so than any particular degree. Simply put, the longer they’ve been in a QA role, the more situations they’ve seen and resolved.

Quality Assurance roles are evolving in terms of processes, scope of work, and the types of technology being used. QA teams have also expanded to meet the demands of operations within the BPO industry, whose numbers are still growing every year.

Software QA testers in the Philippines are relatively rarer, and the ease of recruiting largely depends on the technical expertise required for the role.

There are 3 levels based on tenure for Quality Assurance specialists:

Junior – Has 1-2 years of being a QA specialist but spent a number of years being in the frontline before becoming a QA specialist
Intermediate – Has 2-3 years of experience as a QA specialist
Senior – Has 3+ years of experience as a QA specialist

Quality Assurance specialist tools

While there are QA tools (applications) available online such as TestRail, most QA tools are internally developed, together with the CRM application developed by the company.

In the field of software QA testing, the following applications are commonly used:


Save up to 70% on labor and occupancy costs

Because living costs are so low in the Philippines, labor and occupancy costs are low, too. We can employ and accommodate fully qualified, very experienced Quality Assurance specialists for your team in the Philippines for up to 70% less than you’d pay in your local employment market. So outsourcing QA testing to the Philippines just makes good business sense.

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Tips for employing Filipino QA specialists

  • It takes 5-7 weeks to hire a QA officer or QA tester in the Philippines.
  • Externally-sourced QA specialist requires more time to find, as typically we have to look for someone within a specific industry and has expertise on a certain product or service.
  • We recommend our clients open the role to their existing staff since the exposure is already there. It also promotes growth and development within the organization. The training and adjustment for the role will be quicker as well.

Top 5 universities for Quality Assurance specialists

QA specialists do not come from a specific university or course or degree. In the BPO environment, QA specialists are not hired fresh from college since one of the requirements of the role is expertise in the product and service, which can only be gained through having a first-hand experience in daily operations.

Sample QA specialist profiles

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  • Microsoft Applications
  • CSAT deep dive analysis


  • Senior Quality Specialist
Profile Picture


  • Soft Skills
  • Report Writing
  • Quality Assurance


  • Regulatory Reporting Analyst III
  • Senior Quality Assurance
Profile Picture


  • System Documentation
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Software Testing (Hybris Software, PostMan)
  • Microsoft Applications
  • Proficient in testing on mobile, public sites, cross-browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox), and Backoffice


  • Quality Assurance Analyst

Want a QA specialist – or team of specialists – in the Philippines?

Since our inception in 2006, MicroSourcing has become one of the biggest managed operations providers in the Philippines. With over 4,000 employees, 6 delivery centers and close to 200 clients, we can help you build a dedicated team in the Philippines, regardless of the roles and level of specialization you require. We’re highly experienced in outsourced QA testing, with more than 9,000 QA specialists in our candidate database, and more than 300 QA specialists employed for our clients since 2006.

Ready to get started with a specialist QA tester in the Philippines? Call today or send us an email to discuss your company’s quality assurance needs. You’ll have your offshore QA specialist(s) up and running in as little as 5 weeks.

Our Outsourcing Business Consultants will discuss with you what roles can be outsourced, saving up to 70% on employment and housing costs. Once you identify your staffing requirements and complete our Job Description template, you'll receive an analysis of the relative employment costs at different levels of experience in your industry.

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