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What you Need to have Excellent Contact Center Outsourcing

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

At Business2Community, a news article named outstanding customer service as a hugely salient factor in the success of any business, regardless of size.  It can be noted, however, that as small and medium-sized businesses grow, control over the increasing customer requests and inquiries can be a bit of a challenge. Despite such struggle, it all boils down to the business’ capability to aptly resolve customer concerns and queries, as this greatly affects a brand’s future.

Businesses which are on the rise rely on contact center outsourcing services as a means to handle customer calls and concerns more effectively, although some firms are apprehensive on this move.

Contact center outsourcing services for handling customer calls and concerns

Fears aside, contact center outsourcing has the capacity to provide remarkable cost savings, and the avenue to create a well-oiled machine that is the contact center. Equal parts strategic planning and active communication can result in a marked difference in a company’s or brand’s standing and reputation where customer service is concerned.

However, it should be noted that moving to outsourcing entails time, energy, and effort in planning, but does not go without reward.  Strategies and approaches need to be well thought of and carefully weighed prior to the employment of an outsourcing company. Results and benefits are apparent when careful planning is executed accordingly.  

Round-the-clock customer service

As technology advances, customers demand greater access to service representatives over a myriad of channels.  This is where the use of automated systems comes into play, and proves to be beneficial.  Due to this trend, more companies are subjected to deliver services that go beyond that of their usual in-house systems. Working alongside a BPO company can convert an overworked small business into a systematic organization that can cater to customer’s needs 24/7. According to Bank Systems and Technology, a banking industry news site, companies often seek the assistance of third party outsourcing companies as a means to address customers’ concerns which come in after normal working hours.

Marked increase in cost savings

Hiring an external contact center team actually leads to considerable cost savings, instead of a business making use of its in-house customer service department. This way, it removes the need to compensate more staff, the rent for additional office space, and upgrade of telecommunications equipment.  

Outsourcing can also put a hold on expenses in the identification of effective contact center practices.  For example, instead of having an internal department whose job is to monitor and track complaint resolution or AHT (average handling time), the external team from the outsourcing company can showcase its business with metrics and values which pertain to the rate of efficiency of outsourced customer service representatives.  

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