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Three Ways to Amplify Your Brandís PR Success

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 |

Being a PR professional doesn't only require building and maintaining media relationships, but producing consistent coverage with great quality as well. And we understand the plight of not achieving both roles when you donít have a new product, service or opportunity to talk about.

Itís time you stop thinking about sharing news. Become the news! Vocus listed three proven methods to cut through all the social media noise and bring the mediaís attention to what you have to say, and gain mentions.

1. Be a newsjacker.
Newsjacking is the practice of taking advantage of the popularity of a breaking story. Writing about a popular news story increases your organic search visibility and sales conversion rates.

2. Promote your product.
Product promotion can be done both traditionally and digitally. Another thing you can do is to give a sneak peek to a core group of influencers. By doing so, you win their favor and the content they publish, also known as earned media.

3. Liven up your traditional promotion with digital media.
Not only does adding a digital media component like live streaming or photography liven up your campaign, it also extends the life cycle of your in-person events. Blending traditional and digital tactics gives you content you can use before, during, and after an event. Furthermore, it draws attention to your brand, with attendees and spectators participating with your content, sharing it and sometimes creating content of their own.

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