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The Daily Checklist of a Social Media Manager

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Friday, September 26, 2014 |

A Day in a Life of a Social Media Manager

In Search Engine Journal’s report on the growth of social media, we found that 93% of marketers use social media to promote their businesses, 74% have gained new customers from Facebook, and about one-third of them successfully gained new leads from Twitter. Social media has given birth to the 24x7x365 constantly connected culture, and most of us don’t even realize the undue pressure we are putting on the people rushing to serve our needs.
Do you ever stop and think about who is behind all the clever brand updates you've been liking and sharing to your network? Or perhaps wonder how brands manage to always stay ahead of the game despite the ever-changing world of social media? Who makes sure that the message reaches the right audience? Who is under all the pressure to make some social media magic happen?
The social media manager.
If you’re tasked to manage your brand’s social media presence and now find yourself overwhelmed by the surge of notifications and updates you receive 24 hours a day across your email, social networks, and text messages, you’re not alone. Your workload may not be driving you to the brink of exhaustion, but very few social media managers are finding free time for themselves these days. Don’t let your taxing job of juggling a handful of social networks 24/7 overwhelm you. Let this checklist on Hootsuite guide you through your daily habits as a highly effective social media manager.
1. Keep an ear out for what users are saying about your brand.
Not that you don’t already do this, but it’s no. 1 on the list because it’s the most important thing you need to monitor everyday. It gives clear direction to your day and helps decide what you need to do to steer your social mentions to positive, on-brand conversations. Make use of trend monitoring tools or keyword research tools to uncover insights about your social media marketing and the direction you need to take with it.
2. Keep watch over your metrics.
Numbers make or break social media campaigns. Stay on top of your social media metrics - reach, engagement, new followers, CTRs to your site, and advertising ROI. To get a more in-depth picture of what’s happening across your networks, layer together the analytics from individual social networks with those of your social media tool.
3. Be aware of the competition and what’s happening in your industry.
We often get caught up in the whirlpool of things happening on our own social networks that we don’t have time to see what others are doing. Remember that competition tracking and analysis is a crucial to-do item, and that there are tools like Rival IQ to help you do this. Tracking the latest happenings in your industry is every bit as important as competitor analyses. Respond to topics relevant to your brand and industry via your social networks.
4. Make new connections and make them feel special.
Do not do your brand a huge disservice by getting carried away by the big picture. Stop and smell the roses on behalf of your brand. Know who the influencers are in your social networks and reach out to them. Find out what they need and see if you can do anything to help them out. Even a simple ‘thank you’ to your fans and followers goes a long way. And social media being what it is, your good deeds will surely get word of mouth.
5. A ‘happy customer’ story a day makes your followers stay.
Include this as part of your content calendar. Aside from cute videos and funny memes you may have lined up, pick one genuine customer story to be highlighted every day. You can even prove the authenticity of the story by tagging your customer. As a bonus, you get to be visible across your customers’ social networks as well.
6. Handle customer complaints in a timely manner.
Your brand may have a separate customer care team that handles customer queries on social media, but even the best teams can have complaints that fall through the cracks. If you see no response to an inquiry or complaint within an hour of it being posted, step in to help. Social media is your baby, after all, and keeping your followers happy is your top priority.
7. Build a solid content pipeline that can be used for future posts.
This helps you get out of the daily fire-fighting mode. Engage an outside content agency if you must, but always have at least a week’s worth of content prepared.
Social media managers are lucky to be doing as a full-time job what others try and sneak in during work hours and in between breaks. The job is fun, exciting, challenging, and maddening at the same time. Absorb the experience of being part of the generation that pioneered social media marketing - something that has transformed how people and businesses communicate. Don’t let the craziness overpower your work. All it takes is structure and discipline to be a happy camper in the world of social media.

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