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Tasks that can be Easily Outsourced

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, October 13, 2014 |

Small business owners have a lot on their hands. They have to keep up with the demands and changes in their respective industries. Thereís also the overbearing pressure to break even. They likewise have to continue to progress and grow their operations in hopes of gaining a larger market share.

An option everybody has in mind, and almost everybody is knowledgeable of, is outsourcing. However, it is often applied poorly and business owners lose opportunities instead of improving competencies and workflows. One of the common mistakes business owners make is mindlessly outsourcing every task that saves them money, but doesnít realize that these tasks do not help them get profit.

To help small business owners realize what they are missing out on, or what they are doing wrong, Entrepreneur.com shared five outsourcing opportunities that can help them reduce cost and improve their business:

1. Payroll and Accounting
By having specialists handle your accounting and payroll needs, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that all of these complex and time-consuming processes are handled by certified experts. Hire a specialist depending on the immediate need of your business. For instance, hire a bookkeeper for day-to-day accounting, a great payroll company for paycheck and withholdings, and a CPA for computing tax.

2. Financial Consultation
Hiring a small business banker can help you understand how you can break even easily or what you need to sustain the cash flow; understand your loans, grants, and lines of credit.

3. Design and other marketing materials
Every time you present or publish something online or offline, you have to make sure that your material represents your company. There are a lot of amazing designers who can create a story for you so your product can be showcased better. They can even conceptualize a tone for you depending on how you want to speak to your target market.

4. Creating a social media presence
Building a community online takes time. Everybody thinks itís easy to manage Facebook and Twitter accounts but what people fail to realize is that all of those things take time. It entails countless responses, creative posts, and patience to build a following that can help engage, delight, and push your clients to buy.
5. Proofreading and Editing
If you are a writer or a designer or a video expert, you can hire someone to do the editing work for you. This allows you to have more time promoting and selling, rather than using up valuable time in editing your own work. Plus, it gives a new perspective on what you are already used to. 

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