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Social Media Mistakes You May be Making for Your Brand

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, September 19, 2013 |

Common Mistakes Brands Make on Social Media

Social media is every netizen's outlet for sharing information about possibly anything under the sun. Big brands and small businesses alike are also working on reaping the benefits of social media to their businesses.
However, not all of us know how to use social media to our advantage. Take brands, for example. Most brands make the same mistakes on social media mainly because the concept of building an online presence is confusing to them.
Here's a look at seven of the biggest mistakes brands make on social networks and some tips – that are sometimes the most helpful – to boot.
1. Losing clicks: Post links to the same content multiple times.
One good example would be Guy Kawasaki's method when it comes to posting tweets. Some would advise against repeating tweets, but it appears that this approach isn't so bad after all. Guy points out that he repeats his tweets four times, eight hours apart because not all of his followers are online 24/7. This is actually a good strategy if your targeted audience is spread out on different time zones.
2. Using all the different tools available: Focus only on the necessary tools.
There are a lot of social media tools available to improve your marketing efforts. It would seem reasonable to use as many tools as you can for each has a different purpose. That wouldn't be wise, however. Using so many tools at the same time will impair your strategy because your focus is mostly on the tools and not on the results you're aiming for. The better option would be to choose just a couple of tools that actually help in the progress of your results.
3. Overwhelming surge of metrics: Choose the metrics that fit your objectives.
Metrics show us the results of our social media efforts. The biggest challenge is to know what you should measure. Determine which social media metrics are worth your time and are aligned with your goals and drop the rest.
4. Publishing posts as soon as you write them: Consider when to publish your posts.
There will always be an urge to publish an article immediately after writing it. Don't. Publishing your posts as soon as you've finished writing them is not a good idea as your audience may not be online at that time. The best thing to do would be to research on the best times for publishing content on each social network.
5. Using up the character limit: Less is more.
It's difficult to squeeze in everything we want to say on a channel with a character limit. On average, however, shorter posts garner more user engagement.
6. Overusing hashtags with less content: Use hashtags sparingly.
Using hashtags makes it easier for you to target your audience as well as to receive more engagement for your posts. Still, overusing them is an easy mistake to make. Choose which hashtags to use according to relevance and avoid using them in every update.
7. Communicating to the wrong people: Timing is everything.
Learn to optimize your posting strategy by testing when your target audience is online instead of ending up reaching the wrong people.

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