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Six Reasons to Outsource Video Editing Work

by: Admin

Friday, January 18, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Outsource Video Editing Work

Cutting operational and labor costs was the primary reason why businesses began to outsource offshore. The common types of work which were subcontracted during the first few years were the repetitive and easy ones. So why is video editing now being outsourced by companies, specifically marketing firms? A post at Business2Community.com lists six reasons:

1) Lack of budget for additional employees.
Digital marketing is proven to be more effective when interactive and captivating materials such as images, infographics, Flash animation, and videos are used. Videos provide a different multimedia experience but it entails a lot of time and money to train and hire more video editors, which is why if companies need to produce more marketing videos, they usually consider outsourcing.

2) Cost reduction isn’t always everything.  
In some cases, employees who know little to nothing about video editing assume the task because there’s just too much to do. Even if the cost of doing it internally may be far smaller than outsourcing, the quality of the output is well worth it.

3) More ideas from client-vendor collaborations.
Once the idea is shared with the provider, clients can now focus on the next project as they no longer have to worry about editing and producing the material. Each service provider has their own style and perspective, and more often than not, when they incorporate it to the material, the result is a fresher, more relevant video.

4) Service providers know when it’s already too much, or still not enough.
Video editing companies know that even with time constraints, everything has to be perfect and not overly done. Apart from alleviating the stress of going back and forth, they make sure that their clients are getting not only what they want, but also what they need.

5) They can act as the POC.

Some videos require footage from different people, angles, and perspectives, but gathering and editing all materials can be an arduous task. For video editing companies, it’s just another day at the office.

6) One stop shop.
Video editing service providers have all the equipment needed for all sorts of editing work. Clients no longer need to purchase or rent the materials required to finish one video.

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