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Outsourcing Social Media as Part of a Marketing Campaign

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, June 7, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

An article written by Rupert Hodgson at SourcingFocus.com discussed how firms can utilize social media outsourcing to stay competitive.

When social media came into the marketing arena, everyone was quick to take part and use it to connect with their customers, suppliers, and even competitors. It has become a means to broaden the reach of a company, collect and provide information, and view opinions of consumers.

While a lot of companies feel that managing a social media campaign is easy, many seem to forget that corporate profiles and personal profiles are very different. They also overlook the fact that it is a platform that is constantly evolving, which is probably why some get stuck on their initial plan. Apart from having to monitor the campaign 24/7, minute details posted by the account admin or users can immediately affect the image of a company.

Not all companies have the resources to do the necessary steps thoroughly. So what should marketing executives do? Should they outsource this type of process to service providers which are not only experts in the field, but can also manage the company’s social media profile while they sleep? Or keep it in-house?

Raman Sehgal, owner of PR firm Ramarketing, noted that time is the most crucial factor that can affect a social media campaign. Also, it should be executed properly. It should be able to echo other marketing efforts done by the company, making the campaign more personal and in return, bring in more customers and create more buzz.


Social media outsourcing makes marketing easier

Outsourcing social media work can help companies find new technology and easily tap international markets. They need to identify the goals of the campaign and see if their internal team can handle the fast-paced operation. If now, outsourcing can be the solution. Not only will it give companies significant cost savings, it will also enable them to stay up-to-date and active in the social media world. With outsourcing, social media strategies of companies will be implemented properly, as long as the service provider that handles the campaign understands what the clients want to get out of social media. In this time and age when consumers are online most of the time, establishing a strong presence in the world of social media becomes inevitable.

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