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Outsourcing IT Security

by: Ronald Escanlar

Friday, February 3, 2012 |

The rise of Anonymous and LulzSec, two of the most notorious hacker groups in the world today, had shown that cybercriminals are increasingly becoming sophisticated in their attacks against government and corporate websites that host sensitive data.

The breaches in security that happened last year to Sony’s PlayStation network, when thousands of user info were compromised, and the hack attack that happened on Internet security firm VeriSign two years ago, show that even with the best tools and the best people, cybercriminals work 24/7 to exploit vulnerabilities in the virtual world.

With money to hire Internet security specialists to manage and protect precious, virtual assets, large companies have the resources to defend themselves from cybercrimes. What about small and medium-sized businesses? How will their websites, their information assets, fare against hackers?

Outsourcing has given birth to specialty firms that provide knowledge-based services to other companies, such as accounting firms, human resources agencies, and even IT services. Small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the requisite resources can immediately set up virtual defenses against cybercriminals by outsourcing their IT services.


Companies turn to outsourcing for their IT security needs

According to Small Business Center of Fox Business, an increasing number of small companies are turning to managed-security services providers for their IT security needs. These providers, composed of IT security veterans armed with the latest Internet security technologies, offer cost-effective solutions - a more viable alternative to establishing an internal IT security department.

Companies are also expected to increase their budget for managed-security services - from $8 billion in 2011 to $14.9 billion in 2015, as quoted by the article in a report by research firm Gartner, Inc.

Contracting the services of a managed-security services provider only involves the cost of the service. On the other hand, even if a company has the budget to create its own IT security department, the decision would be cost-prohibitive due to the steep cost of equipment and the high demand for IT security experts.

Outsourcing security services also enables a company to focus on their core services. Instead of shifting resources towards protecting their virtual assets, the same resources can be used to improve product lines or strengthen service offerings.

Managed-security services providers offer a set of services that can be customized for a client. A customer can take advantage of cloud technologies, opt for equipment installed to their sites or even go for an effective combination of cloud services and equipment to get the service they need. Aside from customized services, providers also offer flexible rates - this can help a company quickly adjust their operational budgets relative to market conditions.

Protection against cyberhacking does not need to be expensive. Outsourcing IT security to a managed-security services provider is cost-effective as it provides flexibility in managing expenses and more time to develop core services.


Sherri Wright

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

yeah it sounds great reading this post of yours,..realizing security aspects of a business data requires correct choices of security software or systems , since the main agenda here is to protect against unwanted access and phishing. hope i could read more from you..

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