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Opportunities Seen in the Healthcare Segment for 2014

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, December 16, 2013 |

Industry analyst and consultancy firm Ovum recently released a study called "Front-Office BPO 2014 Trends to Watch" which highlights the impending developments in the global outsourcing industry for the coming year. 

Healthcare outsourcing takes center stage

In 2014, the firm predicts that the outsourcing environment will be more diversified as various activities like the rise of home-based agents in the US, healthcare outsourcing segment taking center stage, and emergence of offshore factors will be more prominent.
Other trends highlighted in the report are:

- Providers will be moving to high-valued services that deliver end-user-focused services.
- Home-based agents will gain traction in the US, but will not be accepted in other developed countries.
- Buyers and providers that are involved in contact center services and are looking to cut costs are likely to tap the healthcare segment for various opportunities.
- Opportunities are being sought in emerging offshore destinations and mature outsourcing hubs as well.

According to Ovum’s Principal Analyst for Global IT Services and the author of the report Peter Ryan, budgets for front-office services in the call center outsourcing segment have become tighter, which poses challenges for most buyers and providers. Buyers are expected to haggle even more when dealing with providers, and providers are seen capitalizing on high-valued services instead of broadening their offerings. 

Meanwhile, home-based agents will remain popular in the US, but in Canada, Australia, and Western Europe, this type of work arrangement is projected to decrease. The US is predicted to account for 90 percent of home-based agent deployments next year.

Health information management services are being recognized in countries where the government is involved with healthcare processes.

Ovum suggests that providers need to make sure they have everything in place such as talent and technology to take on large projects. Buyers, on the other hand, should look for providers that offer flexibility in terms of their delivery models and resources.


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