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How to Combine Digital and Traditional Media for Greater Results

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 |

Given how everyone is using technology these days, traditional events like trade shows and press conferences are expected to be featured in/covered by digital media as well. Sure, the expectation may create more work for you at the beginning, but the return is incredibly greater.

Blending digital and traditional media not only supplies content for your PR initiatives, it also paves the way for greater brand awareness and coverage.

Integrating the two media types means creating content before, during, and after your event:

Before. Besides sending email invitations and special offers, you can generate buzz and attention by placing content at relevant sites. Itís what we call the "snowball effect" - adding more content to your PR ball makes it larger and more noticeable.

During. Encourage attendees to share their own experiences. Remember to use visual media in addition to online submission forms. Establish a specific hashtag for your event, and invite people to share their images and videos on social.

After. Write recaps of your event, curate content submitted by the audience, and craft "best of the best" posts. Donít forget to ask feedback from attendees, and analyze and use the data to produce a better event next time.


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