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How Small Businesses can Get the Most Out of their Social Media Budget

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, January 29, 2015 |

Maximizing Social Media Budgets

A lot of businesses face the most common pitfall of jumping on the social media bandwagon without having an overall strategy, consequently putting their budget to waste. Now that social media has proven to be not just a passing trend but a marketing necessity, it is imperative that brands familiarize themselves with the key components of social media marketing.

Inc. has provided these tips for small businesses that aim to get the most out of their social media budget and not end up spending so much for little ROI.

Set a clear goal.
As a business owner, you should already have a target in mind before investing on social media advertising. Don’t make the mistake of spending thousands on targeted posts and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising without the experience and a good campaign. For starters, you can put your budget to good use by hiring an expert to take over your social media.

Choose the right voice.
Make sure the social media expert knows your industry, should you decide to hire one. To find the right social media manager for your brand, you can follow campaigns of other companies and monitor people whose style and online voice you like. Go for someone whose online tone is right for your brand.

Adjust to the channel.
Companies in the fashion and food industries are natural fits for Instagram, while B2B companies get more out of LinkedIn. Different social media platforms need different strategies. While videos and images work well on Facebook, how you post on Twitter is different, where catchy text and hashtags are the ones that give you an advantage. As marketing consultant Audrey Christie McLaughlin’s perfect analogy goes, “Copying your Facebook posts directly to Twitter is like going to Dallas and barking French at everyone.”

Seize every opportunity.
Unless you have connections with big names in the industry and a sky-high budget, you don’t always get somebody famous to feature your products or services. So when they do of their own accord, pounce on the opportunity to retweet or share it as a sponsored post and target your audience. The best part would be spending as little as $75 to reach thousands of fans and for a successful click-through rate.

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