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Content Marketing and PR Success

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 |

3 Basic types of Content Marketing

The days of building content and simply waiting for people to come are long gone. Today, for businesses to achieve measurable outcomes, they need to pair great content with great promotion.
In addition to creating content, most brands hire stakeholders to attain greater awareness, engagement, and media coverage. Although the content itself is considered owned media, the invitations to view it likely fall into one of two vehicles: earned or paid.
  1. Owned media is almost equivalent to content marketing. It consists of content created for your website and other properties that are pitched to news outlets. An ideal way to drive audience interest and website traffic is by posting clever infographics or thought leadership articles on third-party websites, such as news outlets or blogs.
  2. Earned media, also known as "third-party mentions" and "word-of-mouth", is a crucial factor to your brand’s longevity. People trust journalists, friends, family, and people they look up to more than they do branded messages.
  3. Paid media can be tremendously successful if targeted. Setting up ads without targeting them is like throwing money out the window. Targeting your ads by demographics, location, and time can bring greater return on investment (ROI).
To be successful with content marketing and PR, don’t forget to invite people to your content.

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