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4 Tips for Outsourcing HR & Recruitment

by: Sidney Liquigan

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 |

Businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises, find outsourcing HR and recruitment as a valuable business tool. Outsourcing in general is a common business strategy to take advantage of specialized expertise at competitive costs.

Outsourcing HR and recruitment processes helps businesses catch up with the complex and ever-changing employment regulations, especially if managing and recruiting employees offshore. For instance, if you are hiring outsourced employees from the Philippines, it only makes sense to outsource a Filipino HR and recruitment professional to handle your business's offshore employment processes more efficiently.

Your guide to outsourcing HR & recruitment

To further guide you in effectively outsourcing your HR and recruitment processes, read these 4 tips.

  1. Identify what you need. Within human resources management, there is talent acquisition, talent retention, and talent management. Be specific whether you want to outsource a specific HR function or the entire process.
  2. Provide your company plan. In order for the outsourced HR specialist to recruit top talents that will add value to your business, you must provide a business strategy that will be aligned with the recruitment goals.
  3. Establish a strong relationship with your provider. The more your HR and recruitment outsourcing partner gets to know your company and understands your company culture, the more likely they will source better candidates that fit the company.
  4. Set key performance indicators (KPIs). To measure the effectiveness of your HR and recruitment outsourcing provider, set KPIs such as attrition rates, employee retention, time for recruitment, and time to achieve goals, among others. The KPIs can also help identify the effectiveness of the HR and recruitment program and if it needs to be adjusted or refined.

Beyond job posting, screening CVs, and interviewing candidates, HR and recruitment outsourcing improves companies' hiring and employee management processes through intensive evaluation of each candidate and through employee engagement programs that aim to improve the employee's motivation and productivity.

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