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3 Content Strategies to Attract Customers

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, October 24, 2014 |

Many people consider blogging as a crucial part of their online marketing strategy. That is good and all, but focusing on blogs alone is a short-sighted take on increasing a brand’s online presence - and actually decreases your business’ ability to tap potential customers.

The crucial fact is, whatever form of content your company has scheduled for publishing, it should be informative and engaging. You also have to consider the technical side of your content.

How will search engines treat and respond to your content? How your content is processed, how it is shared amongst users, and your site’s ability to attract natural links are all considered as signals by search engines.

Beef up your online marketing strategy with these blogging tips

A post at Business2Community.com shares three creative ways to attract ideal customers without blogging:

1. Create killer infographics.
Creative infographics have been proven to attract ideal customers since these are not in text format. An infographic is a refreshing way of expressing your brand’s message, and sometimes even data to users. However, it takes time to produce an infographic. It can also rack up a hefty bill for designers if you don’t have an in-house graphic designer. One of the best ways to gather data for content is through surveys.

2. Create videos.
Videos, if done tastefully, can leave viewers itching for more information, a great way to engage with your potential customers especially if you are still in the introduction part of your campaign. Videos can be easily shared across different social media channels, and can be a jump-off point for traffic to your website. One popular topic for a video is giving customers a solution. This could be done through a how-to video, or a video with a storyline that revolves around tips and tricks.

3. Know what the offline world has to offer.
As business owners, you should not forget to align your online initiatives with the offline world. One of the best ways to do this is by attending or participating in forums and workshops. You can likewise disseminate information about your website through TV, radio, and newspapers.

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