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How to Optimize LinkedIn for Your Business

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, May 8, 2014 |

When it comes to social media, there is only one platform business owners themselves should sign up for: LinkedIn. There are various platforms on social media that put a world of opportunities within reach, but LinkedIn is the only one that connects you with prospects with the simple click of a button.

Launched in 2002, LinkedIn now has over 250 million members and over 180 million unique visitors per month. Given these numbers, the networking possibilities are endless for all types of companies. And these companies didn't realize the true potential of using LinkedIn for business until recently - completely unaware of how easy the social network allows its members to create new professional relationships and seek out new sales opportunities.

Many companies still struggle with LinkedIn as part of their online marketing strategy. This doesn't mean that itís a difficult platform to use - companies are just unsure of how to get started, what types of content they should be sharing, and how they can maintain a good reputation online.

If youíre one of those companies, consider these LinkedIn content rules to put an end to those uncertainties and start optimizing this platform as a valuable marketing tool.

1. Complete your personal and company page.
Your LinkedIn company page provides information about who you are and what you do. Make good use of this opportunity by detailing your products, services, promotions, and examples of work. Your employees are your top brand ambassadors, so donít forget to encourage them to complete their personal profiles, too.

2. Use Showcase Pages to brand your products and services.
Since the Products & Services tab is no longer supported, you can make use of the recently rolled out Showcase Pages - a new feature that offers more branding opportunities for businesses. With Showcase Pages, you can create an individual page for each prominent product or service your company offers. Not suitable for short-term marketing campaigns, this is a great tool to build long-term relationships with members who have already expressed an interest in specific aspects of your business. A maximum of 10 Showcase Pages per company page is allowed.

3. Optimize your LinkedIn pages with keywords.
Fill your company and personal LinkedIn pages with relevant keywords associated with your business. Including an informative biography and a list of your companyís specialties in the summary will help you rank higher on LinkedIn search and make it easier for prospects to discover your business.

4. Always keep your content relevant.
LinkedIn was created for networking and business-related conversations, so be sure that the content youíre sharing on your company page is relevant to your brand. Donít hesitate to promote links to the company website and share company blog posts and other information like white papers and eBooks that your audience could find useful.

5. Encourage employees to participate.
Having more employees on LinkedIn means more networking and business opportunities for your company. As employees have their own professional networks, encourage them to share company content and other relevant information on their personal profiles that can reach different types of audiences. Having employees involved in LinkedIn groups also helps to spread your message to more outlets.

6. Donít be the group spammer.
Itís always tempting to share great content we find online. However, itís not recommended to share too much in LinkedIn groups. Sure, members appreciate great content, but you donít want to overwhelm them. The widely accepted number of posts per week to groups is 1-2, but it also helps to review group rules first to be sure.

7. Ask and give recommendations.
Many people rely more on testimonials than marketing campaigns. Kindly ask your customers to recommend your products or services on your company page, as well as your employees on their personal profiles. This helps create positive branding and positions your company as reliable and legitimate. Show that you care: donít forget to recommend other connections and companies that you've done business with in the past - they may just return the favor.


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