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5 Tips for Rocking Social Media in Conferences

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 |

Maximizing Social Media during Conferences

The rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram has made it easier for conference organizers to bring in-person events online - and in real time. This is great promotion for both the conference and marketers. Not only does actively participating in an event and publishing it on social media help with your branding, it can also help expand your network to people with similar interests.
To rock social media and get more out of conferences, Mashable gives us key things to keep in mind:
1. Spread positive vibes.
Conference tweets are mostly filled with words of encouragement, inspirational quotes from speakers and panelists, and exciting moments of the event in general. You should be tweeting the same thing. Share positive thoughts or opinions. Your goal is to keep that good energy going, so even if you don’t agree with one of the speakers, be respectful online and do not say - or tweet - anything at all.
2. Use the conference hashtag and get it right.
Conference hashtags are the best way to find all things related to the event in one place, find out who’s attending the same event, and share your own thoughts and comments. But make sure you’re using the right one, as nothing is more awkward and frustrating than feeling like you've been tweeting passionately about the conference only to find out later on that you've been using the wrong hashtag the entire time.
3. Reach out to those who are also covering the event.
This is where the conference hashtag comes in handy: you get to interact with other people on Twitter or Instagram who are covering the event as well. Also, take your online conversations offline and make plans to meet up or find each other during a networking session - these can be some of the most valuable connections.
4. Don’t get carried away.
You may get completely absorbed in live tweeting or Instagramming the event that you forget that you’re there to network and listen to great speakers. Here’s a rule of thumb for conference first timers: take one Instagram shot per panel or speaker and tweet two to five times per session. In a more intimate setting, put your phone away, pay attention, and summarize your thoughts on social media afterward. Post enough so that it’s informative, but not so much that you’re giving the impression that you aren't even really paying attention to the event.
5. Have fun with posting about the event.
Social media is meant to be fun, so have a good time tweeting and Instagramming about the conference. Show the other sides of the conference like taking photos of great vendors or freebies, because who doesn't get excited about free stuff?
The next time you’re scheduled to attend a conference, remember that paying the entrance fee, bringing a big stack of business cards, and making sure your LinkedIn profile is updated aren’t enough. Being active on social media during an event makes it even better.

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