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Your Guide to Outsourcing Content Creation

by: Sidney Liquigan

Thursday, December 7, 2017 |

The first step to making a name for your business is gaining an audience through engaging content. People will trust and follow your content if it is professionally done, relevant, and substantial. It takes more than just knowledge about the topic to create effective content; it also takes expertise and the right tools and resources.

Outsourcing content creation helps you focus on growing your business while leveraging high-quality content at affordable rates. And as people become more reliant on the internet for information, the more it becomes necessary for brands to produce creative, engaging content regularly to cut through the noise.

In order to get the results you want, it is important to understand the ins and outs of outsourcing content creation.

Why you need to outsource content creation

It goes without saying that outsourcing, in general, is a strategic way to save time, resources, and energy that you can allocate on improving key business operations. But that's not the only reason why outsourcing content creation is a blessing to business owners.

SEO standards require websites to have regularly updated content. It's already time-consuming and tedious to research and create content on a single topic, what more if you have to do it on a regular basis. Furthermore, the frequency, topics, and the order they are published require strategy. Outsourcing to content specialists means you get access not only to the right skills but also to insights on the latest SEO standards and other online best practices that will help your content get the boost it deserves.

Content that you can outsource


The best way to produce fresh content regularly is through blogs. Blogs are also a great venue for marketing your services, products, and promos in different approaches. Outsource blog management to get professional help from topic and keyword research to blog writing, publication, and promotion.


While blogs are more casual and conversational with the primary purpose of creating relationships with the readers, articles, on the other hand, are more formal and less dynamic but can be as effective when they adhere to SEO standards, can hook the readers, and present the right information in the best way. Articles include content in magazines and newsletters. They are mostly informational and are based on facts, data, and research.

Lead Generation

Lead generating content is content that has the goal of generating leads and increasing conversion. This type of content is seen in ads, landing pages, e-books, and white papers. Beyond getting your audience hooked and interested, lead generation has the crucial responsibility of getting the readers to actually take action, whether it is to contact you, to subscribe, or to make a purchase. It takes special skills and techniques to produce persuasive content, especially when you only need a few words to deliver your message.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful platform for networking and promoting your business. To have a successful social media presence, it is not enough to create engaging and relevant content. You should be constantly online to respond to inquiries and communicate with your audience through the comments section. Along with creating content adhering to each social media platform's standards, outsource your social media management to third-party providers that can also manage your social media community and can understand analytics and insights to come up with more audience-centric content.

Web Content

Having a website establishes your existence in the World Wide Web. A website makes it more convenient for people to find more information about your business and what you offer. SEO writing experts know that effective web content is not only creative and valuable but also goes well with the web design in terms of structure and typography, to provide a seamless user experience.

Visual Content

A successful online strategy involves delivering your message through powerful, emotionally captivating visuals. A company's credibility is also manifested in the quality of its visual content. There are outsourcing companies and creative agencies that offer graphic design, animation, and video editing to help you with your campaigns.

Before outsourcing content creation

All types of content serve different purposes. Before outsourcing content creation, there are a number of considerations worth finalizing.

Goals and values

You should first define your company's mission, vision, and values which will then help you identify what your content should achieve and the approach it should take.

Tone and voice

Establish a style guide for consistency in branding, design, message, and the tone and voice that your writers should use when creating content for your brand.

Buyer persona

You create content for your audience; know more about your audience and customer base from which you will base your overall content strategy. Your buyer persona will help your content strategy to have a clearer direction and goals.

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