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What to Look For in a Social Media Marketing Agency

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 |

Qualities of a good social media marketing agency

Choosing a qualified social media marketing agency can be a difficult task. Here are five qualities you need to look for to make sure that you will end up with a good social media marketing agency:

1. Has experience working with companies in your industry
Because each industry is different, a social campaign that is successful in one field may not have the same results in another. It is for that reason that you should look for a social media agency that had experiences with your industry and helped the companies achieve their business objectives.

2. Has an in-house creative design team
A qualified social media agency is one that has its own team of creative designers. Otherwise, they will have to outsource the visual designs to another agency or to a freelancer, making it difficult for you to communicate with different stakeholders.

3. Delivers measurable results
A qualified social media agency should be able to deliver measurable results. By measurable, we mean quantifiable results and not just "a lot of people are talking about your brand on Twitter". And "your post has received a lot of shares lately" doesn’t measure up, either. An example of a measurable result would be that a social media contest generated x number of retweets, increased the number of Twitter followers by x%, drove x number of visitors to the company website. Without measurable results, you won’t be able to determine the return of the social media campaign and whether the agency is performing favorably.

4. Accountable for the outcome of the campaign
A qualified agency should always have a contingency plan in case the objective isn’t met. For example, if an agency had a goal of increasing your Twitter followers by 15% in three months through a series of contests but failed to do so, the agency should have other social media campaign ideas available for achieving the goal.

5. Has existing relationships with bloggers
Having existing relationships with bloggers increases the agency’s chance of recruiting them to take part in the social media campaign. Instead of spending time reaching out to hundreds or even thousands of bloggers and ending up convincing only a few to share your campaign on their websites or social networks, an agency with existing relationships with bloggers can persuade them more easily to promote the social contest on their blogs or social channels. When used as a way to assess the quality of a social media agency, these five qualities can help you select an agency that can deliver the results that you want.


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