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What CIOs Should Do to Maximize Cloud Potential

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

More and more businesses are using the latest technology such as the cloud and SaaS to their advantage. While these processes are now being adopted by a lot of IT leaders, some still doubt the benefits of cloud-based services because of lack of information.

IT leaders who are familiar with the process said cloud services offer several benefits.  Aside from information security, it can accommodate different scales of businesses and of course, it is less expensive compared to traditional IT.


Tips to manage cloud operations properly

An article written by Forrester Research’s Vice President and Principal Analyst James Staten was posted at CIO.in, indicating that to reach the cloud’s full potential, businesses or IT leaders should have better understanding of the matter and manage the cloud operation properly.

The sooner you start using the cloud, the better.
 Expect rumours about the cloud, especially from those who haven’t tried it first-hand.  Be prepared to: distinguish which areas of your operation can adopt the cloud, the current industry standards, and come up with your own system that can help give you a better understanding of the cloud, its capabilities, as well as its weaknesses. The best way to learn about something is by taking it head-on.

Don’t shy away from compliance and security.

It was identified that clients are usually hesitant to push through with the cloud due to compliance and security issues. The best thing that clients can do is apply the cloud to segments of their operation that do not deal with a lot of compliance requirements and regulations. This enables them to safely gauge the cloud while actually integrating it to the company’s processes. If all works well, they can gradually add other segments of the operation to the cloud.
Cost isn’t always everything.
Other IT leaders see the cloud as a way to costs or in some cases, a financial burden to the company. The thing is there will be instances wherein the cloud can actually help the business grow, or provide what CIOs and their team members can’t.  In fact, a study showed that the cloud is being used mainly for its ability to help companies become more flexible and workable.

Make your own based on the needs of the company.
The CIOs know more about the IT needs of companies than other people, so cloud operations can be created internally based on what the operation needs. In order to get there, CIOs should understand how the cloud works. They can learn about it by asking other cloud developers and through a basic app or solution for in-house purposes.
Not every thing tagged as cloud is cloud.
Other businesses and vendors are joining the cloud hype that they try to introduce products and services as actual parts of the cloud even though these are not related to it. Cloud services are identifiable as having high degrees of automation, economies of scale, and cloud economics. If the vendor pitching a cloud service to you does not have all of these, they are not offering the cloud.

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