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Latest Trends in the Global Healthcare Outsourcing Industry

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, April 27, 2015 |

2015 Trends in Global Healthcare Outsourcing

Whatech.com recently discussed in an article key events and topics in the global healthcare IT outsourcing industry. It was revealed that the healthcare IT segment currently presents countless capabilities and opportunities not only for healthcare providers but IT solutions companies as well. The industry covers a broad spectrum of technologies, including software-based solutions which are used by healthcare providers to keep up with the regulatory changes in the global healthcare industry.

The healthcare environment in major markets such as the US and the Big 5 in Europe is rapidly evolving, that is why some of them opt to go for a more economical approach which is outsourcing.  
Some of the countries that have been identified as credible IT outsourcing hubs are India, China, Indonesia, and Singapore where IT solutions and services relatively cost less and since outsourcing has become an option for companies looking for a specific skillset and a means to cut costs, it has helped boost several economies in the past couple of years.

Healthcare IT is vastly utilized in several areas such as biomedical research and development, which includes key processes like pharmaceutical research, genetics and proteomics, life science IT, biotechnology, bio simulation, and disease research. IT applications are likewise utilized in hospitals and healthcare facilities management, forensics, and insurance.

It is difficult to segment the healthcare IT outsourcing market since requirements and applications vary for each organization. North America is said to be the leading market for healthcare IT since the region is home to a high number of healthcare companies that require highly innovative and unique solutions.

The healthcare IT outsourcing industry is being driven by the demand for skilled management of big data, a more affordable solution to cut costs in research and development, the need for innovation and automation, and complex research tools in an increasingly developing healthcare environment.

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