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Top Recruitment Process Outsourcing Trends

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, April 14, 2014 |

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) has become one of the more active business tools being widely adopted. It was found that the key drivers of this model are: the strategy to expand operations, a growing number of decision makers are now accepting the model more, its flexibility, and to streamline operations.

Trends in the recruitment process outsourcing industry

A post at info.ISG-One.com shares the popular trends as stated by over a dozen RPO providers:

1) RPO providers are working hard to attract more talent.
Several strategies are now being implemented by RPOs that joined ISG’s forum. Some of them said they are now focusing on solutions on employment branding and employee value proposition. Others make use of their company’s popularity in terms of brand and culture in hopes of attracting talents that will fit a client-driven environment.

2. Globalization strategies are applied to enable growth.
RPO providers are also considering expanding operations by means of tapping new locations. This will enable them to reinforce geographic reach, presence, as well as capability. Others were seen applying globalization through the use of the internet. With that, globalization will be a strong focal point for 2014 and is a strategy that RPOs will strongly invest time and money on.

3. More recruitment outsourcing providers will be focusing on niche markets.
RPO providers are expected to be more industry-centric coming from a multi-industry model. This is to address the challenges of recruiting professional-level positions that are commonly hard to fill. It’s always a way for providers to showcase their success and potential in specific segments.

4. Process innovation.
Technology will also play a huge role amongst RPOs this year. Process automation and sourcing platforms such as social media, text campaigns, mobile applications, online processing, and interviews will be utilized to improve talent acquisition. Data collection will also be transformed by various technologies, making it easier for providers to collect and process information and align business results with goals.

5. Adoption of a multi-provider recruitment outsourcing setup.
Partnerships will be forged as blended RPO gains more traction. This is expected to help organizations to reinforce their talent pool and maximize the cost reduction capabilities of outsourcing. It also diversifies the strength of an enterprise while helping them maintain order in the process.

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