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Top Processes to Outsource, as told by Experts

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, June 29, 2015 |

Experts Share Top Processes to Outsourcing

A post at TalkBusinessMagazine.co.uk posted five business processes that companies should outsource based on the recommendations of five business leaders.

Virtual Assistance/Documentation
FoSpyn co-founder Rahul Goyal explained that a virtual assistant can help alleviate congestion in the office by working on the client follow-ups and other secretarial functions non-core functions that can disrupt operations. Assign the urgent tasks first and work your way through your to-do list to clear your schedule from time-consuming work.

Content Creation
As for Terry Koutsios, founder and CEO of fivesquid.com, content creation is also a great process to outsource as it is very easy to transmit online. Hiring a blogger or writer for your website can be a painstaking process, but once you start generating valuable content, you will have greater chances of engaging with your target market. By following a content plan, you will be sure that you and your outsourced content writer are aligned.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is one of the most rewarding platforms today. It helps to humanize a company and reach out to a wider audience. Paul Robinson, founder of Social Media Services, said you would have to invest time to feel the effect of your social media campaign. Most companies even disregard it because they feel that it’s unnecessary or not the right avenue for their business. But, what they fail to realize is the PR value it brings to the business. By outsourcing a designated social media pilot, you will have support 24/7, and your online marketing arm will come full circle.

Graphic Design
A lot of companies do not require a consistent supply of creative and marketing materials, which is why outsourcing a graphic designer is their best option. However, for companies that are just starting out, they would need constant branding to make sure that customers remember them. Businesses can ask for design packages from freelance designers or creative agencies. By having consistent design, you will acquire an extra layer of credibility and personality, which can make people trust your brand more.
A Standby Dev Person
For urgent website needs and troubleshooting, small and start-up businesses can outsource web-related processes. It could be simple HTML code, or a pesky bug that could affect the customer’s experience in your website. Rates for small types of technical processes are usually fixed, which is great for companies that are running a website, or even a mobile app.

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