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Things to Consider before Outsourcing Healthcare IT

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, August 3, 2015 |

HealthDataManagement.com listed down factors that can affect the decision-making process of CIOs and healthcare executives on whether or not they should push through with outsourcing healthcare IT functions.

Should you push through with outsourcing healthcare IT functions?

Any strategy that involves technology will affect the efficiency and capacity of an organization. In order to reach a decision on whether they should outsource IT processes or not, CIOs and executives of healthcare organizations should have a strong understanding of what their limits are, and where they excel in. Moreover, they have to look into these four important things:

How much will it cost?
Paying for IT outsourcing services can lead to an on-going investment, meaning it’s not a one-time- big-time thing as CIOs need to consider future expenses like ongoing maintenance for updates, changing demands from clients, and compliance requirements. On a side note, outsourcing enables organizations to get services at flexible costs and can boost operations when needed.

How agile will the providers be?
There are certain instances when healthcare organizations need to start projects immediately. Some keep the projects in-house because they feel they have more control on the turnaround time of a project, while some are lucky enough to find a provider that’s quick to take action and deliver results.

Will it add value to your company?
Outsourcing enables companies to focus on the core processes by freeing up resources. Some experts believe that organizations that try to keep all IT functions in-house spend more on research, development, and implementation. With outsourcing, you basically have more money and more time.

Gain access to a wide pool of IT experts.
IT outsourcing providers are the first ones to be in on a trend or development in the tech industry. They are also updated in terms of the best practices based on their experience in the field. Moreover, small businesses can take advantage of the technology that larger, multinational companies are enjoying because they are always ahead in terms of what is demanded in the market.

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