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The Four Tales on Outsourcing Support

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Early this month, RISnews.edgl.com published an article on the four most common misconceptions on outsourcing technical support. Since we are moving at a highly fast pace in this technical world, it is not enough that an in-house team provides excellent customer service and technical support. Technical support teams should not only be able to discuss the merits of the products theyíre selling, but also the various tools and technologies therein. Inquiring minds need to know what theyíre putting their money on, and it is important that their questions are answered to the T. This can be a challenge since the knowledge base is vast, and support teamsí capacities might be limited to address customersí needs.  

Most retailers seek the services of third party, white-label support companies to lend a hand in greatly advanced technical inquiries. A qualm that comes with sharing this responsibility with another party is the quality of the service provided. White-label support companies get rap for their reputation, but it does not come without a solution. Looking past the stigma of outside help, the perfect partner agency is out there to help market your brand aptly, and deliver an impeccable omnichannel experience.
Despite the bad cloud hovering out-of-house tech support agencies, a fit partner can help boost customer satisfaction, provide faster and more valuable interactions with greater efficiency, and increase wallet share which in turn results in the improvement of profit margins. It is important though, that one get past the false notions surrounding these agencies.

The following are the biggest myths which prevent retailersí capacities to benefit from white-label, technical support:

1. No control.  This should not be even thought of if you are teamed up with the right service provider. White-label programs are constructed and patterned after the retailerís well-calculated initiatives and goals. Agents do not read the script word-for-word, but instead, are informed and act a representative of the internal team. They are trained to understand and listen to customersí needs, have the certifications as needed, maybe even more, and provide assistance well beyond the core competencies of its internal team. In order to ensure that agents are going the distance in the quality of services they deliver, a number of metrics are set in place such as regular check-ins and evaluations, scorecards, call calibration, coaching, and monitoring for performance management.  

2. Language barrier. This is not exactly, or should not be taken, as a setback. In the hands of the right white-label agency, effective and efficient communication is amongst the top priorities in order to provide the best possible customer service. 

3. Job designation. What job do internal technicians have then? This is the question that begs to be answered. First off, this isnít in their job description. This is what we hired our internal technicians for. Support technicians handle tier-one questions which involve products and services, or anything under warranty coverage.  In this day and age when customers have more than one to two questions, which border on the complicated ones, expertise should be handed over to your brand. This then allows for greater appreciation, product use, and overall customer experience.

4. More support, more expenditure. It doesnít necessarily follow that hiring support services means increased expenses. At the end of the day, the actual cost heavily relies on the recognized value of the enhanced experience, and the customerís eagerness to return and do business with you. Support can be viewed as a revenue driver by offering another layer of value and its delivery as premium service at a minimum fee. With this add-on, customers are given the option to pay for more access to support which is not provided elsewhere. This gives them the comfort that a brand they know and trust is always there for them.

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