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Strategies for Growing Your Social Media Influence

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, July 3, 2014 |

In general, social influence is the persuasive effect we have on one another - occurring when our emotions, opinions, or behaviors are affected by others. From a brand perspective, it comes down to the brand's goals, and then finding the right people that can help achieve those goals.

In social media, influencers play an important role in driving businesses towards marketing productivity. Social media influence is about communicating, building an online community, and influencing them to take action, increase traffic, and eventually drive sales. Being a social influencer within a network of people sharing the same interests means having the power to amplify the brand's message and strength of communication about the brand.

Why social influence matters to businesses
Influencers in social media are those known personalities within their fields of expertise, and whose opinions are highly regarded with respect and confidence - the information they share is equivalent to a call of action to their followers. As a social influence, you can drive businesses towards profitability by encouraging and influencing your follower’s buying behavior and preferences. Social influence helps brands become closer to their target consumers.

How to integrate influencer group engagement
For online brand popularity, you might want to integrate group engagement into your social media marketing. Your objective is to engage people to become interested about your brand and eventually convert them into buying customers, and there’s no better crowd than a social community where there is only person-to-person interaction. Social engagement can boost a brand’s popularity by 300% and social influence contributes most to producing this effect. Widen your audience reach by getting more people involved in your marketing campaigns. To improve your social influence for better group engagement, here are a couple of strategies:
  • Make yourself relevant to your social network. You can do so by providing useful information to your followers and offering solutions to common issues they need answers to. Be responsive to comments and offer an expert opinion about subject matters that are relevant to the interests of the group to grow the social engagement. Interaction with the group via conversation is an opportunity for you to show that you are an expert within your niche and fosters building a more engaged social group in your online community.
  • Understand what your group wants and satisfy their needs. A social influencer should be able to satisfy the needs of his or her followers and provide results. You can connect your blog to your social media network, publish information relevant to your business market, and then ask for the opinion of the group about the topic. This piques the interest of your social followers enough to participate in the discussion as well as allows you to use their shared opinions and comments as information in understanding their preferences that can help make your business important to them.
Connect your network to other social influencers
To grow your reputation as a social influence to your community, it helps to build social relationships with other social influencers as well. Look for industry leaders in your business niche - they can help increase the credibility and reputation of your business. And when your followers find that your network is connected to an industry leader who is also a social influencer, they'll be more encouraged to become part of your social community. You can find other social influencers to connect your network with by doing the following:
  • Using online tools that help you find social influencers within your specific industry. It is faster, and the social recommendation tools that each social media platform has are designed to help you find specific influencers within a particular network.
  • Searching groups that belong to your industry category and finding a member with the most numbers of followers on their profile. Follow them, join their online conversation, and participate in their discussions to get them to notice and follow you back.
  • Publishing high quality content that can stir the interest of other industry leaders to take notice of you. Producing unique and relevant content will give other social influencers the impression that they should get you into their social circles as well.
Use social analytics for better social media influence strategies
Social analytics provides measurable metrics that help you determine whether you are carrying out a productive social media influencer strategy or not. Analytics tools also provide feedback about areas for improvement. Available data from analytics measurement allows you to improve your ability to become a more popular social influence within your target community based on their behavior, needs, and preferences.


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