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Startup Copywriting Tips to Attract Customers

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 |

At a company's startup stage, an entrepreneur's sole focus is on the development of products users want that very little support is given to the establishment of a good marketing site.

For your brand to gain the attention of your target audience, you need dedicated staff to manage customer support. And if you don't give your marketing site the attention it needs, your startup will never get traction. After all, nothing is more powerful in pulling customers to your brand than the message you use to you connect with visitors.

Here are simple yet effective copywriting tactics to build early and lasting traction for your startup.

Speak to one person.
While it is true that you are speaking to a large audience when writing copy for the web, writing as if you're having a conversation with one person will have a better impact. This way, it is more intimate and personal and it helps build a deeper relationship between you and the reader.

Don't just write for one person, though. Understand what your potential readers are interested in and use this information to create compelling content without sounding like you are forcing it on them. Make your readers feel something and know what makes them tick, like you are walking in their shoes and have found the solution to their problems.

The key to having your target customers read until the last word is to identify with them.

Focus on benefits, not features.
Instead of supplying a long list of technical features and functionality, provide a brief description of the benefits of using your product. Be specific. It saves your reader time and creates such an impact that he is converted to a paying customer.

Reduce friction.
Customers are reluctant when it comes to sharing contact information and making a purchase mainly for security reasons. Some are really just unwilling to part with their hard-earned money.

To overcome customer resistance, reduce friction in your copy. Changing a single phrase increases sign-up rates and affects conversions in the long run. Use and add persuasive words to your call-to-action statements and descriptions. Instead of "Submit", try using "Sign Up for Free". Or instead of writing "a $_ fee", try using "a small $_ fee". For the "Buy Now" button to complete a purchase, try adding "30-day money-back guarantee" in small text below it.

This convinces your customer that there is minimal risk in clicking and that he's making a smart decision.

Grab attention and keep it.
Make a first-time visitor feel like he's in for a treat the moment he hits your startup's homepage. Your headline must be focused on one subject, and that is your offer to your visitor.

Your objective is to assure him that he landed on the page he needs. At the same time, make sure your sub-headline is so compelling that your visitor will want to keep reading.

Provoke curiosity.
All of the techniques above share a common goal: to provoke curiosity.

The objective of your headline is to get your visitor to read the sub-headline. The objective of the sub-headline is to get him to read the first paragraph. Simply put, the objective is to keep your visitor reading further until the call to action.

To grab your visitor's attention and compel him to stay and progress through your page, he must continuously be curious to learn more. Let him know what you're offering, but hold back on the details so his desire for more information will make him stay. Let the details unfold gradually as he clicks through your pages.


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