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Social Media Solutions for SMBs

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, September 20, 2013 |

A post at BizReport.com recently shared some of the results of a survey done by Constant Contact, an online marketing company based in the US.

SMBs choosing to outsource marketing processes

It is a known fact that social media is one of today’s most powerful marketing tools. However, not all small businesses know or have the resources to apply it to their marketing campaigns. One of the latest and most effective solutions that are now being implemented by SMBs to address this challenge is outsourcing. The study showed that small and medium business owners are willing to have it done by external providers.

According to Christopher M. Litster, Senior Vice-president of sales and marketing at Constant Contact, small business are having trouble in following the latest trends and technologies such as Google Analytics, Facebook ads and mobile-optimized websites.

The report noted that while newsletters and email marketing processes are kept in-house, 40 percent of the SMBs said they outsource creation of radio/TV ads, while 20 percent outsource other online ad materials like banner ads. Moreover, 20 percent noted that social media is one of the processes that they would like to officially add to the list.

Meanwhile Constant Contact’s initial survey showed that 80 percent do their social media marketing in-house. However, majority of the survey respondents said social media is one of the marketing processes they need the most help with.

The report also found that 50 percent of SMBs would like to outsource SEO, 34 percent are thinking of outsourcing online banner ad creation, and 32 percent want to outsource graphic design or local print ads.

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