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Reasons to Outsource Processes

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 |

A lot of business executives often carry the habit of micro-managing each and every aspect of their operation. This makes them lose focus on more important things, which in turn leads to substandard results and unhappy customers.    

Some of them may not realize that what they’re doing is actually hurting the operation. For instance, they are trying to work on a task that is outside of their skill set or is better off with an employee who specializes in that field.  
When executives have exhausted all their efforts in managing their operations, yet they feel they’re not making sufficient improvement or worse - not able to deliver, they should evaluate their current setup to see if there’s anything they can do to mend the outcome. 

Business2community.com shares a checklist that can help decision-makers and managers assess if outsourcing would be a feasible solution to improve their collapsing operation.

1. Tasks which do not directly affect the company’s primary objective. 
Executives should look into tasks that are carrying minimal weight to the company’s core processes. They could also measure each business unit to see if it is even worth it to resort to training just to get a better hand at a specific process. For instance, a software development company wants to increase sales but do not have the expertise needed in a solid marketing campaign. They can partner with a marketing company to generate leads.

2. Niche service providers can bring necessary cost savings. 
Cost is a certain issue for most organizations. If they see that they need to beef up production or simply can’t afford to hire new specialists for a certain project, they can appoint a service provider to take the job for a reasonable cost.

3. You want operations to be more flexible.

Since the market is very unpredictable nowadays, operations need to be more flexible to avoid losing customers. Outsourcing is a known solution to address the sudden inflow of work. All executives have to do is choose the right provider and keep operations going.  

4. Most outsourcing service providers are experts in the field.

Certain functions like social media management, online marketing, and customer service require special attention and are often imperative so that the business’ operations will not be interrupted. Outsourcing service providers that specialize in specific fields not only have the required skill set, but the manpower and tools as well.

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