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Proper Ways of Outsourcing Social Media Work

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, February 24, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

Social Media in Marketing Strategies

Businesses that incorporate social media into their marketing strategies have definitely profited from the various advantages this digital marketing process has to offer. It has become an avenue for brands to have a wider reach for customers, suppliers, and even prospects. It provides a new way of gathering data for market and industry analysis. It also enables companies to have a more personal approach when promoting products and services online. Social media marketers and marketing specialists are presented with various social media platforms wherein they can interact with users immediately through discussions, comments, likes, and shares.

Social media management has also become one of the most outsourced processes globally. To help companies as well as marketing professionals understand how to properly outsource social media work, Deepali Sathe of ValueNotes Sourcing Practice shared an article at SourcingNotes.com that highlights the basics of social media marketing outsourcing.

Monitoring online activity is labor-intensive.
Yes, putting social media strategies to work is easy, but monitoring the activities of users will definitely be strenuous on your end. In most cases, addressing negative reactions from users is the hardest part of the procedure, since it is real-time and coming up with a means to put out the flames needs thorough study and critical judgment. Business owners need to have proper control of the entire social media campaign because you can no longer sweep the issues that can hurt your brand under the mattress, as these are easily shared and will be blown out of proportions if not properly handled immediately. Having a team that can monitor your social media campaigns when you can’t is definitely an advantage.

Outsourcing plans have to be accurate.
Social media strategies should remain congruent with the brand’s goals and beliefs. Having an open communication with the outsourced team eliminates time-consuming remedies for negative online publicity. Data collected from the social media campaign can also be made into useful analytics for benchmarking, which means data security is also crucial when transmitting information from service provider to the company. All in all, companies that have chosen to outsource social media work need to have a well-concocted plan so that the outsourced party has a clear vision on what is expected of them.

Find the right partner.

Gone are the days when high labor and operational costs are the main factors that drive companies to outsource. They are now looking not only for the best deals - business owners want the best on their team, one that has a reputation in the industry and a high level of professionalism that can manage the recruitment process up to the reporting stage.

It will take some time but finding the right partner instead of rushing into things can save both parties time and money. They can start outsourcing small social media processes and jump off to larger responsibilities.

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