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Proper Ways of Outsourcing Content

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Right Ways to Outsource Content Creation

More and more marketing and advertising agencies are starting to take notice of the benefits of content outsourcing. However, they are often seen doing it in a discreet manner as it is still not generally accepted by numerous consumers, companies, and even marketers themselves. The idea is even said to be around long before the internet came, and once technology picked up, the industry and process of having a "ghost writer" evolved, along with platforms such as blogs, micro blogs, photo sharing sites, and social media, as well as devices like tablets, smartphones, and netbooks that were being used.

An article posted at Business2Community.com shares five effective ways of outsourcing content creation processes:

1. Find a credible and creative writer.
It seems like more and more users have added the title of content creator or web writer to their online profiles. The thing is, unless they’ve actually published their portfolio online, looking for the right writer has become such a daunting chore. There are several things you should look into: he/she should have exceptional command of the English language, should be active or have a broad audience in his/her social networking sites, and should be up-to-date with the trends.

2. Brief them properly.
Ideas do not magically appear on a blank piece of paper or an empty screen. No matter how good your writers are, if they are not well informed about what you want and what direction and tone they should take, you will end up with nothing but scrap.

3. It’s better to overshare than to hold back information.
Writing for the internet and writing for the newspaper are two different things. Invest time in training your writers about the newest trends in online marketing. Give them different types of information so they would have enough to write compelling and realistic content that can be appreciated by your audience.  Also, giving them access to the blog or website’s visitor tracker can help them strive to become better writers and reassess targets better.

4. Appoint an editor.
All types of content have to be double checked by somebody. If you can’t hire a full-time editor, ask each of your staff to cross check each other’s work. The last thing you want is a minute syntax error on an ad copy that will affect the image of your company. You could also hire a subject matter expert for professions or topics that a typical writer can’t just weave words about.

5. Creative newsjacking.
Trends come and go and when a certain report becomes the talk of the town, writers should be able to contribute and relate their stories with what’s currently happening. News items, especially online articles, have a certain lifespan wherein one moment, it’s really hyped up and 

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