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PR Marketing Myths and Facts

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 |

Should You Believe These PR Marketing Practices?

A lot of marketers and consumers are still puzzled by the latest trends in the public relations (PR) industry and one particular platform that is still on the crosshairs of everybody is digital media.   

All of us are going through changes - evolution even. Businesses, lifestyles, and even trends are changing, which is why there’s no doubt that PR as well as the processes involving technology, are changing rapidly and are revolutionizing today’s marketing landscape.   

The popular PR myths are:

1. Content is all that matters.
In some cases, yes it is. But for marketers to maximize the benefits of content creation and promotion, they would have to map out a strategy that will serve as the foundation of the entire campaign. In fact, a study done by Vocus.com showed that only 60 percent of PR experts have a content marketing plan and religiously follow it. The others are missing out on what could have been a bulletproof campaign.

2. Innovative tools are utilized properly.     
A lot of people believe that since marketers are usually the ones who innovate, think out of the box, and influence consumers, they automatically become experts in using social media, owned content, and local advertising.

Online wisdom dictates that PR and marketing professionals are taking full advantage of campaigns that comprised social media, owned content, and local advertising, among other processes.

The truth is, only 53 percent of marketing practitioners maximize these tools, less than 49 percent employ SEO strategies, and only 34 percent consider mobile marketing.
3. A blog page will become your main source for traffic.

Having a blog is a great way for businesses to share and disseminate information about a product, company or event. The thing is, people often forget that there are numerous avenues that are more effective in bumping those numbers up.

All in all, surely there will be new myths and challenges in the marketing world, but keep in mind that compelling content, whether it be an article, video or graph, will trump all pre-determined PR and marketing strategies.

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