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Outsourcing Tips to Keep IT Projects Moving

by: Karen Cayamanda

Monday, January 16, 2012 |

While data security concerns stop some business owners from outsourcing IT-related functions, many remain confident that the process will be beneficial to their operations. Aside from cost reduction, the most obvious reason for outsourcing, clients can utilize talent and expertise that may not be readily available locally. Outsourcing also enables clients to tap new markets and bring their products and/or services closer to their target customers.

Company owners who have been outsourcing IT functions are enjoying the benefits of the process. However, nowadays, many offshore service providers are downscaling their on-site team and resources. Visa application of employees and profit margins are considered common reasons service providers reduce the number of offshore IT employees who coordinate with clients regarding outsourced work.


Outsourcing tips to keep IT projects on track

Stephanie Overby shares at ITWorld.com five tips on how to keep IT outsourcing on track despite the decrease in on-site employees:

Take a look at the process design.
There should be IT professionals who will fill the crucial roles of the operation for it to be effective and successful. For short-term requirements, companies may need to look for employees on a contractual basis, according to Amneet Singh, Vice-president of global sourcing for outsourcing consultancy firm Everest Group.

Develop a communication plan for users.
Singh said companies need to have a change management or communication plan to handle consumer inquiries and needs in case there are changes to the outsourcing delivery model.

How about nearshoring?
Esteban Herrera, Chief Operating Officer of outsourcing analyst firm HfS Research, said there are service providers in other locations that do not have to deal with concerns in visa applications. Companies are advised to look at nearshore options for better knowledge transfer and project management.

Ramp up your in-house technological capabilities.
Service providers may utilize more advanced technological platforms to make up for smaller on-site teams. Singh said outsourcing buyers need to make sure that they have the right setup and proper training on how to use high-end IT tools.

Review contract pricing.
Now’s the time to talk about pricing terms, especially when the service provider is reducing the number of its IT employees. It pays to discuss better ways on how to make IT outsourcing a great business solution for both parties.

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