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Outsourcing Online Marketing and DIY: Pros and Cons

by: Mary Christine Galang

Monday, September 25, 2017 |

The digital world is constantly evolving, thanks to the rapid innovation in technology that makes many things in our lives considerably easier and also more accessible.

However, this can be challenging for entrepreneurs when it comes to maintaining their competitive edge, especially online. The buck is heavier for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have to come up with effective strategies to expand their reach with limited resources.

But what does online marketing do for your business?

Effective digital marketing tactics like content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and web design help establish your presence. Even if your business focuses on one or some of those processes, the marketing perspective can still be different. These types of functions aim to drive customer awareness to your brand, engage them for a solid relationship, entice them to avail of your services and products, and secure patronage.

Moreover, there are more important aspects involved in launching an effective online marketing, including identifying the best ways to reach your target market, and it's always best to invest in people that not only know what you want but are also committed to your vision.

So should you outsource your online marketing or do it yourself?

Online marketing DIY


  • Familiarization. By doing online marketing tasks yourself (or with an in-house staff), you have intimate knowledge of areas that you need to work on and learn about new tactics to improve your online marketing content.
  • Output. Your output is more consistent, as you are the only ones who work on it, instead of an outsider. With the proper resources and effective time management, you can execute your vision and come up with a unique content when you need them.


  • Expenses. Having an in-house digital marketing team can be expensive, let alone the time and money you'll have to spend on staffing them, to begin with. Not only you have to pay full-time salaries and benefits, there are also expenditures such as office space rentals and dedicated resources for software, etc.
  • Delays. If you are understaffed, there is a high probability of delays and/or interruptions. You'll also have to consider turnover rates since it will considerably affect schedules and deadlines.

Outsourcing your online marketing


  • Savings. Outsourcing your digital marketing efforts to a third party is considerably less expensive than having an in-house full digital marketer. There are flexible payment options that allow you to hire professionals on a contracted rate or on a project basis, depending on your budget.
  • Flexibility. You'll save on many things by not having to worry about recruitment and hiring processes, as well as training by having a readily available professional to work for you. They also offer a fresh, objective approach on strategizing for you.


  • Priorities. It is highly likely that you are not the only client your outsourcing company is working for, which may cause delays or conflicts. This can be avoided by setting an efficient process that works favorably for you.
  • Oversight. By choosing to outsource, you will have to turn over online marketing processes to your third-party provider, which diminishes real-time visibility. But this can be avoided by having daily reports, an established open line of communication, and transparency on operations.

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