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Prepare for Success: Outsource Back Office Processes

by: Catherine Reyes

Thursday, May 4, 2017 |

With the progress of the internet and the increasing global demand for products and services, many businesses are starting to enter the international business arena thinking, Why limit our business to local clients when we can serve a bigger market?

Increased demand is the best problem to have, but not being able to accommodate the growing demand is a potential disaster. You see, most companies create a back-up plan to maintain business continuity and in case something in their operations goes wrong. However, they don’t usually have a contingency plan for exponential growth, and this could mean opportunities flying out the window.

Outsourcing back office processes for growth

Here are three reasons why outsourcing back office processes is the best option for your firm to achieve and sustain growth:

Access to the Best People and High-quality Tools and Equipment
For your business to be profitable, it needs to optimally perform processes that will enable it to make more money.

Usually, businesses do not make money on back office tasks unless they are offering these services themselves. That being said, the tools and equipment used for back office work are not always updated. In fact, some old SMEs are still running their accounting processes on a Windows 95 computer.

It’s not about having ‘shiny new objects’. It’s about having faster computers that will make the processes more efficient and avoiding the risk of having outdated equipment break down during peak season, which is one of the worst business scenarios.

Some SME owners handle back office tasks themselves thinking that they saved money, but when you think about it, if back office functions are done in-house it will be eating into your income-generating activities. Instead of saving, it will actually cost you more because your valuable time is spent on non-core processes.

Back office service providers have the right tools and hire the best talent to perform tasks seamlessly.

A Lean, Focused Onsite Team
While a person can multitask, it is more cost-efficient and will add more value to the company if he/she is focused on tasks that he/she excels in. Not only will this save you a lot of money, it will save you precious time in hiring and training.

Same goes for your onsite team. You and your onsite team can focus on things you do best – growing the business and making money. You’re leaving the non-essential and back office processes to experts who, in turn, will act as support to your onsite team and strategies.

Cost Savings
Business needs tend to fluctuate from season to season, making outsourcing back office tasks and processes a sensible option.

Outsourcing seasonal back office tasks enables businesses to operate at full capacity, anytime. With outsourcing, you can have a permanent team that handles your normal service load and hire on-demand employees that are tapped during peak season.

Moreover, outsourcing back office processes to offshore service providers is much less expensive than hiring full-time employees. Statistics show that as much as 80% cost savings are derived from having back office tasks outsourced to countries like the Philippines.

Also, business process outsourcing companies, like MicroSourcing, offer regular skills enhancement and technical knowledge update training to bring employees up to date on modern technologies and needed industry skills.

It makes a lot of sense to outsource back office jobs. This is a cost-effective solution that helps propel your business forward. If you need more information about outsourcing and how it can help your business grow, you can check out www.MicroSourcing.com.

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