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Negative Effects of Employee Negligence

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, March 25, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Employee Management Mistakes

In every company, the people are always considered as the backbone that keeps things moving forward. However, poorly managed employees can have a negative impact not only to the company’s growth, but the company’s full existence as well.

CMVLive.com shares four common employee management blunders that companies should avoid.

Redundant positions in the organizational chart. Small businesses tend to hire several people for the same position, with the perception that their turnaround time will be faster. This takes up a huge chunk of the company’s resources, and in most cases, doesn’t contribute anything to the company.

By getting to know more about them, business owners will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their employees better. For instance, a certain copywriter is also proficient in editing images, he/she can fill in as a part-time designer for certain projects, instead of hiring another full-time designer to work on small design projects.

Average is passable. Being unsympathetic to employees who do not add value to the company is another thing to avoid. Executives should want employees who want to grow with them. Some employers fail to take action when employees give unsatisfactory results.

One good way of motivating employees is to start a healthy competition within the department. It also wouldn’t hurt if there are monetary rewards or recognition for those who contribute more.

Goals are not achieved. Exhaustion and lack of sleep were found by a study to be key reasons for failing to achieve goals in the workplace. Employers should make it a point to check and assist employees if they are having troubles in sleeping and getting enough rest.
Lax supervision. Like any other operation, managers should be aware of what’s going on within his/her department. By getting to know more about each employee, it would be easier to resolve issues, offer support, and even let go some people who are not doing their job properly.

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