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Managing Outsourcing Relationships

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, April 5, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

In most outsourcing partnerships, clients and providers often get fixated on following every mandate in the contract where each party has their own goals and roles.

What other business owners and outsourcing leaders fail to see is that they are missing out on valuable benefits that most enriched and personalized partnerships have, and that building better relationships that go beyond the clauses of the contract can bring more worth to businesses.

However, there will always be a few drawbacks that will come your way, but precautions can be done to circumvent these issues. A post at info.ISG-One.com shares five ways that can help make outsourcing relationships more rewarding and successful.  

Teamwork. Since there are two sides to every story, two leads should be assigned to manage their sub-workstream and act as the point person. This will assist in aligning the goals and operations of each party. It will be easier for both sides as this could lead to proper delivery of tasks, while keeping employees motivated and happy.

Go beyond the professional setup. It is easier for employees to collaborate if they work in an environment that is conducive for building rapport. That way, information and resources are easily accessed and retrieved. For operations that involve offshore service providers or people who work remotely, they can schedule video calls and chat using different web applications to make sure everybody’s aligned and well informed.   

Periodically check the relevance of the contract. There are times when each clause in the contract doesn’t need to be followed rigorously. The head of each team can re-evaluate if it is necessary to make minor changes. This is especially essential for multifaceted partnerships that deal with several negotiations and projects at once.

Create a transparent and concise contract. It is the duty of each party to know the provisions of the contract that they signed. They should review, find loopholes, and edit if necessary before signing it.  

Buyers and providers should know where they stand. Each group has their own role, but they also have their own identity and authority. Clients should be one step ahead and guide the providers of what they want out of the partnership.  

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