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Managing End-User Computing Costs

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, November 12, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

There are times when companies experience fluctuations in end-user computing (EUC). This could result to large overhead costs or budgets falling short. However, it is more common for an organization experience an increase in demand which is why some businesses encounter challenges, especially in dealing with the service provider and costs. 

Ways to manage end-user computing costs

Info.ISG-One.com shares five ways on how businesses can manage EUC costs properly, while making the most out of the entire operation.

1) Coordinate with your service provider.
Service providers know more about the environment than the clients. So who better to ask regarding the ratio of full-time employees to end users? Providers are also likely to point out which ordering and delivering processes clients could focus on.

2) Regularly monitor and update changes in device usage. Properly track each device. See if it’s idle, left behind by a former employee, returned properly when new orders came or if it is in storage. This will help clients as well as providers have a concrete idea on what’s actually going on and if each device is being accounted for properly.

3) Create an agreement based on usage.
Recommend provisions regarding chargeback principles so that each job order, delivery, and usage of all the devices will create a benchmark that can be used for future transactions. This will also enable clients to provide accurate data if discrepancies in billing show up.
4) Review invoice.
Closely monitor invoice sent by the provider. Having proper financial management ensures clients that no unscrupulous charges show up.

5) Review warranty policies. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties have expiration dates. If devices are retained beyond their OEM warranty, clients should contact EUC service providers for upgrades or complete change of units before these expire.

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