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Increase Your Business Efficiency by Hiring Virtual Assistants

by: Sidney Liquigan

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 |

Achieving your business goals and increasing business efficiency is possible even with a small team of full-time in-house employees. The secret? Extra support from virtual assistants.

Reasons to outsource secretarial tasks

Here are some ways virtual assistants can help your business increase efficiency and productivity at more cost-effective rates.

Fill non-core responsibilities

Small businesses rely on virtual assistants to fill non-core responsibilities. Instead of having your in-house team multitask and handle responsibilities that they don't specialize in, it is much more practical to outsource the non-core responsibilities to virtual assistants who are experts in each area. This will help increase the in-house team's productivity and will help them focus on main business processes that will directly improve business value.

Work within your budget

With virtual assistants, you don't have to commit to paying a full-time employee and all that comes with it, such as benefits and overhead costs. Outsource some of your business tasks and pay for only the service you require; the outsourcing provider will handle the recruitment, HR management, facilities, and resources the virtual assistant will need.

Connect with customers

Two of the most crucial tasks that need to be attended to immediately are customer service and social media presence. These tasks are time-sensitive, especially for business-to-consumer (b2c) brands. When a customer sends feedback or an inquiry through your social media page or through email, you need to respond immediately. Hire a virtual assistant to take care of these while you focus on your core processes.

Long-term growth

If you are new to acquiring the services of a virtual assistant, you can try beginning with simple tasks like data entry, managing your emails, and administrative support. As they prove to be efficient in those tasks, they can also grow as your business grows. They become ready to take more responsibilities. Furthermore, as your business grows, you may need to outsource higher-level responsibilities, which virtual assistants can also handle. These include marketing, SEO, and data management, to name a few.

Multitasking can lead to burnout, which can affect business efficiency. Dedicate your time to core business activities and cope up with your increasing workload and business needs with the help of virtual assistants. Contact MicroSourcing to find out the tasks that you can delegate to virtual assistants.

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